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NEW Hard Candy Glitteratzi For Spring ’18!

We’re halfway through February & (despite what the groundhog says) spring is in sight! Time for a new season and great new make up from Hard Candy. For Spring 2018, they’ve brought us Glitteratzi! It’s a fun new make up with a fun-to-say name!
Glitter has officially become an adjective with this Liquid Sparkler. Its uses are endless.
Want to perk up your eyes? Done. Need dazzling lips? Done. Extra glow for the cheeks? You got it. Sparkle, dazzle, shine- all with one tube.
One coat gives you a sheer layer. Think of it as a back-up dancer to the rest of your make up. Two coats and you’ve got center-stage, all-eyes-on-me glitter. There are 7 shades to choose from: Aurora- a clear/white, Star-a pink, Blaze- a golden/yellow, Confetti- darker pink, Twinkle- lighter pink, Spark- a purple, and Galactic- a blue. For this review, we have Aurora, Twinkle, & Star.
I applied each on my lips, cheeks, & eyes.
Twinkle appealed to me as the best for my cheek area. I went with a one coat. I tried one & two coat applications for my eyes using all three. Star was the closest to a natural look, so I was most comfortable with it. Aurora seemed to get lost on me. Although I though it would show up on my lips, it appeared as a clear lip balm with glitter. I’d probably go with Twinkle for lips too.
A word of caution: when wet, these smear. A lot. Be careful while applying. Maybe keep a make-up wipe nearby. Once they dry, they set. Quickly. Be sure you adjust any mishaps immediately. They have serious staying power, which is good, right? Absolutely!

I’m also a fan of the slim tube and sponge applicator tip. It’s easy to grip for those of us with shaky hands. The size & shape of the tip allows for big swipes of color without sacrificing the control of the wand. The tube is no bigger than a mascara so it fits easily in purses, backpacks, etc. These would be perfect for a girls’ night out or a sleepover for teens, too.

Bottom line: Hard Candy makes it fun to be a girl! Glitter is fun and glitter in make-up makes you feel young & energetic. With a little price tag and big, big results, it’s hard to pass up Hard Candy!
Available exclusively at Wal-Mart, they have an MSRP of $6.


**I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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New Hard Candy ‘Look Pro! Galactic Eyes Palette’

If you’re looking out you window at six or more inches of snow, Spring is probably the last thing on your mind. But, take heart! Beauty trends aren’t dependent on the weather. While you’re stuck inside, Hard Candy has been hard at work on their Spring 2018 looks.
I’m thrilled to introduce the ‘Look Pro! Galactic Eyes Palette’!
Ten out-of-this-world colors in one pro palette. Each shade, aptly named in an astronomical theme, has glitter galore and is easily applied with the (included) two-sided brush.
For starters, I need to sing the praises of this little brush. First, it’s perfectly sized. Not too big ot too small. It wipes off easily when or if you want to play around with different shades. I did not miss the typical sponge applicator one bit. Don’t you hate when those sponge tips fall of mid-application and you’re left with this mini-spear that pierces your eyelid? Yeah, no fun. So, I am a huge fan of the brush applicators.
Let’s talk colors! When I get new make-up, I always get that rush of happiness like when we were all in elementary school & you open that new set of crayolas. It makes you enjoy being a girl for a while.
In this palette we have: ‘Supernova’- a purple shade, ‘Retrograde’- a glittery black, ‘Spaceship’- a charcoal gray, ‘Nebula’- an earthy brown, ‘Eclipse’- sort of a black/gray combo, ‘Meteor’- a deep pink, ‘Blue Moon’- obviosuly blue, ‘Alien’- a green, ‘Shooting Star’- a yellow, and ‘Constellation’- a flesh tone.
I played around with every shade. Personally, I opt for earth tones for daily use. In the eyelid crease, I vary depending on my mood but, usually, it’s a brown or green. So, I switch it up a bit here.
First, I tried them as stand-alones. Excluding ‘Blue Moon’, you are going to have to do some layering for maximum impact. Blue goes on pretty deep from the get-go. ‘Alien’ is pretty close with maybe a two or three swipe application. Otherwise, you’re going to need to apply a bit more than you would with a regular matte shadow.
Second, watch the glitter. If you have unsteady hands or don’t tap the brush a few times before applying, you will have yourself a glitter bonanza. Just keep a make-up remover wipe handy and you’ll be fine. My choice, due to the shimmer, would be to use these on top of a regular matte. I usually use an eye crayon which definitely intensified the look of the shimmer. I liked the look.
Utilizing a dark, regular shadow base, these colors really pop. As a highlighter or in the crease, they were phenomenal. They had exceptional lasting power, too. If you use a colored eye liner (other than basic black), you’re going to have a lot of fun pairing different colors together. Both ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Constellation’ were awesome highlighters.
My year-round allergies often cause me to have to resort to wearing my glasses. After applying the palette, I noticed that the shimmer shows through even with eyewear.
Sometimes, eyes get ‘lost’ if you have specific types of frames. I was pleased to see a real difference when wearing my specs. If you do wear contacts, watch the glitter, nothing is more uncomfortable than when you get make-up on your contacts.
Looks and fun aside, make-up has to be affordable. Thankfully, Hard Cady gets it! Available exclusively at Wal-Mart, this palette is only $8 MSRP. That’s amazing. It’s difficult to find quality, single shadows for less than that nowadays. To get ten, fabulous shades, matched together for endless pairings for $8 is truly remarkable. In fact, I’d say it’s an out-of-this world deal (pun intended!). Have some fun getting ready for spring with Hard Candy!
**Pics belong either to Hard Candy or myself solely.
* I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are solely mine.
Many thanks to Hard Candy for NOT testing on animals (Buster thanks you, too!)

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Beauty Box 5’s January Box

Happy New Year! Okay, two weeks late, but we’re celebrating the New Year again with Beauty Box 5! Their January box has arrived & it’s providing new items to rev up your 2014 beauty routine!

If you haven’t tried Beauty Box 5 yet, this is a great time to start. For $12 per month, you receive a box filled with 5 products to try & love. All of the products come in perfect sizes to use & provide enough time to decide whether or not you want more. Plus, this month’s box is geared toward a new movie, ‘That Awkward Moment’.

You’ve probably seen it promoted on television. Included in your box is a 6th, bonus item. It’s a mirror compact with the movie’s title branded on the case. You can see a clip at See it in theaters 1/31/14.

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm was a big winner in my book. Brought to you by, this organic balm is gluten-free, petroleum-free, & not tested on animals. You can smell the yummy coconut as soon as the cap’s removed. It’s silky smooth & long-lasting. The only drawback is the price. $3.39 is a bit much for lip balm. If you’re willing to invest, it’s a great product.

H20 plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash has a great fragrance plus gets the job done. Being unisex is a huge bonus in my household, too. A shower can get mighty cluttered with men’s & women’s wash shampoos, etc. One bottle for the whole family is cheaper & more organized. Containing, red alga, aloe extract, & vitamin e, it boasts aquatic floral & sea grass scents. It retails at $17 which is a bit pricey, too.

Swissco Bath & Body Exfoliating Gloves are my favorite this month. Cost effective at $5 per pair, they are truly spa-quality at home. If you tan, you’ll want to get yourself a pair. Just put on the gloves, add body wash, & buff the day away. They’re fantastic! You can find them at

Jergens is a name you surely know. Rough spots on your skin are no match for their daily moisturizer. Available at a host of retailers, for $6.99 MSRP, you get gentle moisturizer, pleasant scent, & the security of a trusted brand name.

Nubar Cuticle & Nail Oil was the only product that I was unable to use. At the time the box arrived, I had just had my nails done. However, I can tell that it contains jojoba oil to smooth irritated skin around your nails. It comes in candy colors.

If you add up the individual prices of these products, you’re well over the $12 mark. Had I not had January’s box, I wouldn’t have known about these products. If you want an ironclad investment for 2014, then Beauty 5 Box is your perfect bet. Find them at Invest in you this year.

I was provided with the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.