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Sunday at Trader Jack’s

I love flea markets. Where else can you experience such an eclectic mix of people & products in one location? One of the biggest flea markets that I know of is Trader Jack’s. It’s north of us, off Exit 55 of Interstate 79 in PA, right past Bridgeville. They’re open every Sunday, year round from 7-3 so it gives shoppers a lot of time to make it there before closing. I can’t begin to guess how many vendors are present, but no doubt, it’s in the hundreds. Inclimate weather isn’t a problem with their enormous indoor facility.

It had been a few years since we’d been there last. Life gets chaotic & it just wasn’t something we’d though about. We’d visited a smaller market in Perryopolis, PA earlier this year, but nothing is quite like Trader Jack’s. I knew that the last time we’d went, my health wasn’t as bad & I’d had no problem negotiating the long amount of walking that’s required. But, I was determined to go & have a good time. Plus, our youngest had never been there & he had some of his own money to spend.

It was pretty hot outside, in the 80’s & because my Parkinson’s causes excessive sweating, I was really glad I’d stuffed my hair into a hat! But, at least it wasn’t raining with all these people jammed into the indoor area. As a Salt & Pepper Shaker collector, these are always in the forefront of my mind. My husband & son are always on the lookout for them too. Being that they’ve become a serious hobby, I usually try to peruse articles, etc. about what certain pairs are worth. Friar Tuck s & p’s are not only adorable, but they are usually really popular with collectors.

I was thrilled to find a set in immaculate condition. But, as you’ll find in some flea markets, the seller was convinced that his prices were perfect. He was asking 3xs their worth. As I opened up my mouth to haggle, he shut me down with a word- ‘Firm’. Okay, Mr. Man, I’m moving on. Giving him a smile, I quickly made my exit. Good luck, buddy. As we were leaving, I noticed he hadn’t sold a single item. Well, he’ll learn, won’t he?

Unlike Mr. My-Price-Is-Right, there are sellers you’d like to hug. One darling lady of Asian decent with a beautiful accent had a table of pottery, glass, & knick knacks. Initially I’d stopped to see if she had shakers. Instead, I noticed she had a unique piece with a Colonial-era scene painted on it. She glanced over, saw I was looking at it & she said ‘$25’. Then, before I’d uttered a word, she said, ‘No, you only pay $20’. What a doll! Of course, I bought it.

20150712_122123 20150712_122147 20150712_122206 I have to do more research to find the meaning of the TK marking, but I was intrigued that it’s from Czechoslovakia. I just think it’s stunning. What made it more of a great purchase was her attitude. She’s the type of lady who makes you glad you stopped by & met her.

My husband left the sales empty-handed. He never seems to buy anything! However, we visited a vendor, inside, who had more sports clothing items than one could possibly count. Most of her wares were Steelers & Pirates related being that we were near Pittsburgh. Our son was able to purchase a special training camp edition Steelers’ hat for under $20 as a replacement for the hat he’d lost on a mission trip. The best part was that it was brand nw with tags & official NFL markings. Apparently, she’d been a vendor for the organization (that was her story, anyway).

As we exited the market, it felt as if we’d been there all day & we were shocked to see it had only been an hour & a half! But, my legs were suffering & we were way overheated. But, the items we got were well worth the effort. Even if my piece doesn’t end up being worth a lot, it makes me smile & who couldn’t use more of that? All in all, it was good, quality family time & that is priceless.


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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Presents Dot & Bo

christmas 14 031

If you’re in the market for unique home décor for holiday gift giving, Dot & Bo may be the answer. Although Dot & Bo offers many incredible choices for recipients, for this review, we’re going to take a look at their Steampunk Clock.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the term, Steampunk is essentially a style that showcases machinery, especially the 19th century’s. You’ll notice that in Steampunk décor items, you’ll see the gears & various moving internal works. Dot & Bo has taken this trend & provided one of the coolest clocks you’ll ever own.

My kids went nuts over this clock. It’s so much fun to watch! Made from stainless steel & plastic, the numbers are huge although the clock itself is ideally sized for a desktop. Each time the numbers flip, it clicks. They remind me of flipping a Rolodex.  You’ll hear the mechanism running, but it isn’t loud or overpowering as a larger clock might 14 033

As an added plus, it only requires one ‘D’ battery. Being cordless not only allows for restraint –free moving, but makes it handy for smaller homes, dorms, or apartments. I don’t have the best eyesight so I Iove that I can literally see the time from across the room. The black & white numbers, highlighted by the stainless, make it an easy fit into any home’s color scheme. You don’t have to be into Steampunk to appreciate its features.

Bonus number two: no assembly! All I had to do was slide the battery into the large battery compartment. Easy-to-read opening & closing instructions are printed on the compartment. No screwdriver. No acrobatics. Just insert the battery & you’re done. Time is set by twisting the dial until the desired time is achieved.

Right now this beauty is selling for $34.99 which is 30% SRP. Haven’t shopped Dot & Bo before? You’re in for a treat! They’ve been featured on a number of Medias such as Refinery 29 & HGTV. Offering gifts from décor to terrariums, Dot & Bo have it all! There’s an entire section on the website for gifts under $25! Now, that’s awesome. Click around for design ideas & inspirational posts. I could spend all day looking at all they have on sale! Make your list, check it twice, & give them Dot & Bo!

You can find them at the following Medias:

I was blessed with the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.