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Wasted Prayer: Greg Darley

_225_350_Book.1282.cover‘Wasted Prayer’ is written by Greg Darley. If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Darley, he is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, & has a degree in Theology. His basic premise is that there are times when God wants you to stop praying & start doing.

Many readers many disagree with my feelings towards this work. However, in the interest in honesty, I didn’t particularly care for it. Mark Batterson wrote the forward so I was intensely optimistic being that I have a tremendous amount of respect for him.

I also understand that the author’s intent was to launch a call to action as in ‘faith without works is dead’. I appreciate that he noted early on that this book was intended to be read by seasoned Christians. My concerns lie with that statement.

Many will read it that are not seasoned Christians. They may misunderstand & get a different message than the one intended. Essentially, Greg Darley is assuming that Christians can discern between the point that they’re received the answer for their prayers & when they should stop asking God about it.

In my opinion, that is easier said than done. Throughout the New Testament, we’re urged to pray about everything. Prayer cultivates an intimate relationship with Jesus. Even after the answer is received, should we really stop praying about it?

I honestly understand the author’s perspective. Many people cop out per se & keep prayer because they don’t wish to act. We need to be the body, the hands & feet of Christ in the world. I wish the author had concentrated on that principle. Instead, it seemed that he spent more time defending his position than telling us the why’s of it.

As always, give it a try & draw your own conclusion. This one just wasn’t for me.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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The Seventh Trumpet & The Seven Thunders: Russell M. Stendal


Ask any student of the Bible what topic is most perplexing to them &, while some answers may vary, chances are you’ll hear the word prophecy. So many schools of thought exist that it can be overwhelming & at times, a little frightening. Thankfully, God has touched the hearts of talented authors & teachers to help us all along the way.


One such author/teacher is Russell M. Stendal. I first became acquainted with his work by reading his book, ‘The Book of Daniel’. He is a true student of the word & the fruit of his faith is evident in his missionary work as well as his devotion to operating radio stations in South America that are spreading the Gospel.


Mr. Stendal brings us ‘The Seventh Trumpet & the Seven Thunders: God’s Prophetic Plan Revealed’. Through his insights, readers will explore God’s plan for redemption. Get excited about the Old Testament again as you study how these Scriptures revelation details of the seventh trumpet & seven thunders talked about in Revelation.


You’ll also learn how Noah’s Ark isn’t just a children’s Bible story. In fact, Noah & his ark fit into God’s current plans for Christians. Each page is packed with Scriptures so you’ll be able to see Russell’s point of view matched against God’s Word. I love that, at chapter’s end, he even includes a prayer.


In today’s world where it seems that everyone has written a book on something, it’s refreshing to have a man who is confident enough in his Biblical knowledge to walk us through a difficult subject. Not only that, but to provide Scriptural basis for every point he makes him a trustworthy source.


I would highly recommend reading ‘The Seventh Trumpet & the Seven Thunders’ as part of a Bible study. It’s a terrific reference. You can find full product info & purchasing info through the publisher


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Russell in Chair



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The Red Sea Rules: Robert J. Morgan

_225_350_Book.1203.coverOne of the Old Testament’s most often told & a beloved Bible story is of the parting of the Red Sea. Upon leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves up against the sea with no foreseeable way to cross it. Showing His power & love for His people, God parted the Sea so that they could safely cross.

Robert J. Morgan revisited this story during a flight to New York. Turning to Exodus 14 while pondering a family crisis, he felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to write some notes about the Israelites’ Exodus. As a result, this book was formed.

Compiling 10 long-term rules to follow, Mr. Morgan shows that if the Lord led us into something then He will lead us out again. Each Red Sea Rule can be applied to any situation that one may be in. Written in plain-speak without judgment, his list provides practical, comforting advice.

This is a fresh, new take on the frequently repeated Exodus story. Readers will find Mr. Morgan’s perspective not only enlightening, but also very relevant to today’s world.

‘The Red Sea Rules’ is not a lengthy book, but great books needn’t be lengthy. His writing style is much a like man telling you how he was able to overcome an adversity with the Lord’s help. At no time is he condescending & it was very refreshing to see a chapter regarding messes we got ourselves into. Not often will one find a piece like this that openly admits that we habitually ‘did-this-to-ourselves’. I was grateful to see that.

Because of its uplifting approach & guidance from a personal level, I give it a 5 star rating. Find more info via & via the publisher, Thomas Nelson. I was provided an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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The One Jesus Loves: Robert Crosby


“Grace is unconditionally given, intimacy must be relentlessly pursued.”

How close are we to Jesus? Robert Crosby explores this question in an extensive study of different friendship circles. Jesus had many followers, but only a chosen few were in his inner circle. Most Christians would admit that they’d like to achieve a deeper relationship with their Savior but perhaps don’t know how to get to the place where Peter, James & John were.

Through guidance & life stories, we’re shown not only how it’s done, but how to do it for ourselves. Experience the joy that only Jesus can bring by learning to cultivate a true friendship with Him instead of seeing him simply as the Omnipotent God. Beautifully written, ‘The One Jesus Loves’ will stir your heart with stories from Scripture of those who moved circles to be closer to Jesus. Putting these words into practice will provide readers with the type of intimacy that they’ve wanted all along.

What makes this book strike home is the passion with which it was written. You can feel Robert Crosby’s heart in every observation & word. The more you read the more you realize that not only does the author experience this level with the Savior, but he really wants us to be able to do the same. He writes with honesty even when it’s self-deprecating & shares ways to challenge our hearts for the better. There’s not an ounce of holier-than-thou in our author.

If you’re seeking to deepen your Christian walk & consume a mega-dose of God’s Word, than ‘The One Jesus Loves’ should be on you reading list. You’ll come away stronger & wiser. Absolutely a 5 star piece!

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I received an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.