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The Red Sea Rules: Robert J. Morgan

_225_350_Book.1203.coverOne of the Old Testament’s most often told & a beloved Bible story is of the parting of the Red Sea. Upon leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves up against the sea with no foreseeable way to cross it. Showing His power & love for His people, God parted the Sea so that they could safely cross.

Robert J. Morgan revisited this story during a flight to New York. Turning to Exodus 14 while pondering a family crisis, he felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to write some notes about the Israelites’ Exodus. As a result, this book was formed.

Compiling 10 long-term rules to follow, Mr. Morgan shows that if the Lord led us into something then He will lead us out again. Each Red Sea Rule can be applied to any situation that one may be in. Written in plain-speak without judgment, his list provides practical, comforting advice.

This is a fresh, new take on the frequently repeated Exodus story. Readers will find Mr. Morgan’s perspective not only enlightening, but also very relevant to today’s world.

‘The Red Sea Rules’ is not a lengthy book, but great books needn’t be lengthy. His writing style is much a like man telling you how he was able to overcome an adversity with the Lord’s help. At no time is he condescending & it was very refreshing to see a chapter regarding messes we got ourselves into. Not often will one find a piece like this that openly admits that we habitually ‘did-this-to-ourselves’. I was grateful to see that.

Because of its uplifting approach & guidance from a personal level, I give it a 5 star rating. Find more info via & via the publisher, Thomas Nelson. I was provided an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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It’s a God Thing: Dr. Charles L. Roesel

Its a God Thing Cover SM (Inside Front)Matthew 28:18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

You may recognize these Scriptures. They’re also known as the Great Commission. Some may believe this refers to foreign missions alone, but what about those in need where we are, in our communities?
Author Photo Pastor Charles L. Roesel of First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida has been devoted to this call. By following Jesus’ command, he & the members of his church have developed a rescue mission, a children’s shelter, a pregnancy care center, a women’s center, & other such ministries. Who better to teach us the ‘Powerful Results of Ministry Evangelism’?

In his book, Dr. Roesel directs us on how to care for people’s needs, body, soul, & spirit. There is much here to be savored by every child of God. Regardless of the size of one’s church, needs can be met in Jesus’ Name.People who are fed & loved are much more responsive to Christ’s love.

With ‘real talk’ & straight answers, Dr. Roesel explains his implementation of practical means to fulfill the Great Commission while loving our neighbors as ourselves. After all, faith & works go together. This book will encourage you to get out into the world & get your hands dirty, so to speak. He is honest the hesitance he encountered in his congregation. But, it’s also crystal clear that the hesitance didn’t stop him a bit.
Included are more than one hundred ideas for ministry within the church geared specifically for groups within the church, as well as ideas for community needs. Allow Dr. Roesel to spark a passion for needs in your heart. While the book itself is a fairly quick read & goes at a brisk pace, it is jam-packed with pastoral wisdom & guidance. Recommend it for small group discussion in your church. Members of clergy & church leaders should definitely read it to expand their church’s reach.
A definite must read- it’s a 5 star piece.
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. More info is available through the publisher: Also available as an eBook & can be purchased through Amazon.

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Hebrews: It’s Not How You Start-It’s How You Finish: Dr. Kathy Stewart

_225_350_Book.1180.coverIn most theological discussions, the Book of Hebrews is considered a book of encouragement for believers. Dr. Kathy Stewart has compiled a comprehensive Bible study for believers of every stage of spiritual walk. Through expository study, readers will walk verse by verse while drawing comparisons & knowledge from corresponding Old & New Testament writing. Readers of all ages & study levels will expand their knowledge of God’s grace through the Book of Hebrews.

Other than works by Sheila Walsh, this study on Hebrews was the most enjoyable & thorough study I’ve participated in. My highlighter on my Kindle certainly got a workout! Many of the verses from other Books of the Bible that were used to further study were ones I hadn’t thought to study in relation.

I was so taken with this book that I’ve utilized it in our Bible class in homeschooling. Dr. Stewart is obviously of above average intelligence & discernment, but speaks to readers as if we’re simply sharing coffee in fellowship. This attribute makes studying under a teacher enjoyable & makes people want to learn from them.

One should never stop learning when it comes to Biblical Study & I feel blessed to have been able to learn quite a lot from Dr. Stewart. I would highly recommend this one for anyone who wishes to extend their knowledge of the Bible whether for personal or academic gain. Hopefully, the Lord will move Dr. Stewart to write more expository studies. I would definitely add them to my library!

I received an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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The Solomon Seduction: What You Can Learn From the Wisest Fool in the Bible: Mark Atteberry

_225_350_Book_1165_coverStudents of the Bible will recognize King Solomon as the wisest man who ever lived. Even those unfamiliar with his lineage will recognize his name in association with the building of ‘King Solomon’s Temple’. What is lesser known, is his fall from grace & how exactly that happened.

In ‘The Solomon Seduction’, Mark Atteberry writes primarily to men. Today’s men can learn from Solomon’s bad example. Using modern examples to parallel things that Solomon was tempted with, Atteberry makes a compelling case for guarding one’s heart & staying grounded in God’s Word.

Readers will follow Solomon from his original interaction with God in which he requests knowledge to his unfortunate decision to marry a staggering 700 different women. If a man who possessed supernatural wisdom can fall so hard, so fast, than no one is exempt from temptation. But, rather than a book that simply lists the what-not-to-do’s, we are provided with doable, contemporary advice for avoiding the Enemy’s traps.

Mark Atteberry has a fabulous writing style that combines humor with real life experiences. As a minister, he’s seen many strong men cave under the weight of all that glitters. Although geared for men, I found it incredibly fascinating. Many women fall into these same traps.

Seduction comes in many forms. Whether or not the men in your life are currently struggling with it, it would be wise to have them read this as a precautionary measure. Even though men are less likely, statistically, to read an entire book than women, even the most hesitant reader will enjoy both the writing style & real life stories included.

Highly recommended, it’s a definite 5 out of 5 star piece. Mark Atteberry has also penned a book on Samson that is worth reading as well. Find both at Christian retailers.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine

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Futureville: Skye Jethani

_225_350_Book_1081_cover                                                                                  Based on the synopsis that I was given, ‘Futureville’ is a non-fiction piece discussing how beliefs about tomorrow determine how we live today. Our vision of the future has never been more important. Trendy Christian teachings say secular work has no eternal value. Skye Jethani disagrees. Instead, he offers Scriptural basis to prove the opposite is true. Again, that it what the synopsis says.

When I researched the book, prior to review, I had been encouraged by its 4 &5 star ratings. Once I’d completed the book, I started second-guessing these ratings. Having reviewed books for over 4 years now, I have always been honest, even when it angered authors. These ratings by other readers are all well & good, however; I didn’t get any of the same views or feelings. In fact, I found the book jumbled.

Our author, for all good intentions, seemed to be thinking faster than he was writing. There seemed to be a larger focus on vocabulary than on content. Certainly, there were easier & more direct ways to get one’s point across than using terms/words that are less than prevalent in today’s conversations. Though it’s billed at a Scripturally-based work & while there most certainly are Scriptures used to back-up the work, I found way more opinion than fact.

I do agree that Christians need to minister in their everyday lives & that by witnessing through words & actions, it can absolutely have eternal results. Whether or not one is a seasoned author, he or she could very well benefit from reading the works of other authors in their field of expertise. Perhaps in this case, Mr. Jethani should have done so. Even the best writers can have a misfire. In this case, I believe ‘Futureville’ is just that: a misfire- despite the ratings it’s been given.

Bear in mind, we can agree to disagree. If you’re so inclined, give it a shot & draw your own conclusion.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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‘What Would Jesus Post?’: Brian D. Wassom


Arguably, more people communicate viathe internet than any other way. Instantly, we’re connected to others worldwide. When it comes to social Medias, are we posting random thoughts, gossip, or even things we know we shouldn’t?

In ‘What Would Jesus Post’, Brian D. Wassom tackles the title’s question. Whether or not we’re on-line, Christians should be kingdom-minded & careful to not be a stumbling block for others. From how we react to a criticism to what we tweet, all things media should glorify God.

Most of the 7 principles provided could be considered as common sense. Obviously, Christians shouldn’t spread lies or gossip. We shouldn’t participate in hate speech, etc. Some would say these principles should also apply to anyone- Christian or not- who’s on-line.

I agree wholeheartedly that the internet should be used to spread God’s Word & love to others. True, being on-line is also a great way to connect with scattered family & friends. Many grandparents only ‘see’ their grandkids on Facebook.  Also, I agree that our entire world or even day shouldn’t be based around Pinterest or tweeting.

My main concern for this book is that many readers will pass it up due to its simplicity. Perhaps it would be more successful as a series of articles in a Christian magazine or YouTube videos. With the economy the way it is, I don’t see readers investing money in books that tell them what they already know. In fact, it isn’t even that we simply know these things. It’s more that we don’t practice these principles.

As for the actual writing of the book, the author is often redundant as if he’s lost for words. Veering off topic frequently, he sites good examples, but they aren’t enough to make this work a winner.

Honestly, I’d say it’s a 3 out of 5 star piece. As always, give it a try & make your own decision. I received an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Delivering Women from the Snares of Death: Purging Sin to Prosper the Soul: Paige Coleman

After visiting an online women’s forum, _225_350_Book_1077_coverPaige Coleman decided to write a piece directing women to answers in God’s Word. Deciding that women need mentors in the faith, she dedicated herself to writing. Her purpose is outline in the book’s preface & states that she wants women to seek God’s will.

What followed is a directive of sorts that instructs women to die to self & go forward in God’s will. Scripture references are from the KJV & are included on nearly every page.

Let’s begin with the positives. I appreciate that Paige Coleman used so many Scriptures. Relying on God’s inerrant Word as the forefront of your work can never be wrong! Second, the author obviously had a great deal of passion towards her project. Obviously, she spent a great deal of time on it.

However, in this case, there were too many negatives to ignore. King James Bible versions are often times difficult to read by newer Christians. NIV version references are, from my reviews of prior works, better received than KJV. Simply put, this is a matter of personal preference, but nonetheless, KJV can be a little too formal for some readers,

Next, the book’s foreword actually made me question whether or not to read this book. A note to the publisher: remove this forward. It can only be described as a ‘downer’. One should not have their spouse, unless your Billy Graham’s, write a foreword for their book. Especially of note to this is that the husband basically comes off prideful & taking credit for her conversion. His description makes the reader feel as if she has become a glorified-Stepford wife after finding God.

Moving on, our author writes as if she’s perfecting a theology paper for college. I’d have much rather read her take on specific women’s issues without her trying to ‘purge’ all sin from my heart. That job belongs to Jesus-only.

As always, give the book a try if you so wish, but I believe it to be of little benefit to Christian women. 2 stars of 5 is a generous rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.