Media Kit

Guests Posts accepted= email for rates
Editing/Proofreading Services: I will negotiate rates with authors/publishers for any services required.

Book Reviews: No Paranormals or X-rated. All others email for details.

Sponored Posts: email for rates

Product reviews: Product is payment. I don’t charge a fee to review. I’ll provide the address to send the product to. Email for details. PLEASE don’t pitch for baby products or for children under 12. It’s just a waste of your own time. There are plenty of bloggers’ families that will appreciate & utilize your product.

I CANNOT REVIEW WITHOUT SEEING OR USING A PRODUCT. IT’S UNETHICAL & I CAN’T PRETEND I’VE USED A PRODUCT. Please don’t email about simply sending hi-res pics. I won’t respond to these requests. You’re wasting your own time. It isn’t the same thing. If you’d rather that an informational aka sponsored post be written, then please email for the amount charged. Thank you.


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