The Chiweenie Ate My Blistex and Other Strange Things From Yesterday

This month has been filled with depression for me. Excluding a few highlights, my son turning 16 for example, it’s been drab. However, yesterday was a real pip.

The day started out filled with physical, whole body pain. My ever faithful companions, Buster & Butter, were attached to my side all day. The funny things began almost immediately. I credit The Lord for knowing I needed a good, strong laugh yesterday. While I was attempting, futilely, to get housework done, I noticed the Chiweenie (Butter) was nowhere in sight. Butter is a hide-and-seek pro. My son & I called for her. Nothing. Finally, I resorted to asking, yes asking literally, Buster. If you ask him ‘Where’s the baby?’ or ‘Where’s the Chiweenie?’, he will find her, no matter what. So, I said, ‘Buster, where’s the baby?’

Immediately, he ran down the hall & stood at my son’s door. Hmm. Odd. No one was in there. I trust Buster so I went in. Turning on the light, I saw nothing. I said her name, she pops up from under the comforter, tail wagging, quite pleased. You’ve won hide-and-seek. Well played, Butter. Well played. The look on her face showed her glee.

I then went in search of my Blistex. Stupid winter chapped lips. I couldn’t find it. I knew where I’d left it. It has to be placed up high. Both dogs enjoy the scent of its orange/mango tube. Reluctantly, I sent a text to the hubs. Where’s my Blistex? A dramatic pause later led to a simple text: The Chiweenie ate the Blistex.

Apparently, when he woke up that morning, he took the dogs out and Butter came in first. While he was tending to Buster, she somehow, some way, launched herself onto the dresser and devoured said Blistex. When he came into the room, she had Blistex all over her face. None was ingested. It just ended up as a furry, Blistex face mask. Wow, just wow. We laughed until we cried. On the bright side, she smelled magnificent.

More doggie fun arrived along with USPS and an Amazon Prime box. This one is all Buster. Saturday night, my husband & I had chosen a few gifts for the pups for Christmas. We have a good grasp on what they prefer to play with. Mostly, they LOVE rubber chickens. We saw a multi-pack of chickens on Amazon and they arrived yesterday afternoon. My husband put the box with various other presents after having opened it. The dogs hadn’t seemed to pay much attention to the delivery.

After dinner, we were all sitting around and someone asked where Buster was. Right on cue, he marches out of the room with the bag of rubber chickens hanging from the corner of his mouth! A circus of running, Scooby Doo style, room after room chasing a dog carrying chickens ensued. Eventually, his plans were thwarted and the chickens were returned to their place. However, 15 minutes later he returned carrying the Prime box. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it. RIP Prime box. He ripped it to shreds as if some more chickens would appear.

We laughed all night. The look on his face was a mix of pride and a ornery grin. Maybe we should have written Do Not Open Until Christmas? Regardless, I know that these two are a gift from God. They make me laugh even when I don’t want to. They make me get out of my funk because they need me to. I love them so much!


Who Do You Yell For When You’re Scared?

When I’ve been in scary situations, usually the first thing I yell is ‘Jesus!’. Not in a cursing way, of course, but as in ‘Jesus, help me!’ Sometimes the danger has only been perceived, but, when I’ve slid on ice with the truck, fallen, or otherwise hurt myself, I yell for My Savior.

That’s why I was quite surprised at myself the other night. Actually, more mad than surprised. It was late. I was sitting on the couch reading with Buster next to me. He began fussing about, sniffing the air and such. I tried to calm him, but he was noticeably agitated.

Seconds late, some kind of bug that I’m calling a beetle hybrid, landed on me. Instantly, I screamed like a small child. But, who I yelled for was Buster. In fact, it was ‘Buster, help!’ Immediately, he leapt from the couch, grabbed the bug (without even nipping my shirt or me), threw it to the ground and ripped it in half.

I was startled. He was quite pleased with himself, even walking to the kitchen for a ‘Good boy treat.’ I gave him one of course. After all, he did save the day (I guess). But, after congratulating him on his victory featuring a fatality (the bug), I begin to think about the whole incident.

On one hand, I was thrilled that Buster had done what I’d always hoped he would. Pit bulls get a bad rep in general, though I’ve never met a ‘bad’ one yet. I had always assumed that if I needed Bus he’d be there. He was. I am grateful. But, it also made me look at myself in a different way.

Why didn’t I call out to Jesus? Was it because it was a very simple, earthly type problem? One I could easily rectify? Yes, it was a very silly problem. It was a less than 2 inch bug that simply startled me- without malice. But, why did I yell for Buster? I was kind of disappointed in myself.

I don’t want to put Jesus in a ‘box’. He shouldn’t only be called on for the big stuff. My initial reaction should have been ‘Jesus, help me!’ True, I believe Buster was a gift from God. He has been my friend, companion, laughter, and snuggle buddy. He has been an agent of joy and peace- both emotions are God-given. But, Buster isn’t the go-to answer. Jesus should be and should’ve been.

So, lesson learned. It made me very conscious of my priorities and taking simple problems to God. I hope, that should a similar situation arrive, my first instinct will be to call on the Lord first. Buster may be a major league protector of the house (& me), but he isn’t the one to take my problems to. Jesus is.

Buster On the Water

Hard to believe, that this little swimmer was near death two weeks ago! In true pit bull style, he doesn’t let much stop him. After getting his stitches removed Friday night, he had a relaxing weekend of much spoiling. Unexpectedly, my husband took Monday off so we could spend a family day on the boat.

It was Buster’s first time. We had no idea how he’d do and were prepared to take him home if necessary. With the eclipse approaching in the afternoon, we opted to go out around 9 AM. Only 3 other people ventured out in their kayaks. To our surprise, Buster not only quickly acclimated to the new, huge environment, but he jumped into the boat with no prompting! Taking his place next to Dad, he rode in the front almost the whole way. When we chose a spot a good distance from shore and the menfolk began fishing. I usually do, too, but was more focused on Bus.
Surprisingly, within a few minutes of sniffing and running from the front to back, Buster looked at me, then dove straight in. We weren’t too worried as he was fully equipped with a doggy life jacket. What did surprise us, though, was how fast he is! I thought he was extreme with land under him. Holy Cow! Within a few minutes, he was just a visible dot on the horizon.
We turned the boat, but it wasn’t necessary. Instinct kicked in and the little bugger swam just as quickly back to his family. I was a proud Momma. Admittedly, I got too excited about his new skill. My husband had to tell me to relax a few times. I just wanted to see him swim more.
Our son had been frantic over whether or not Buster would swim well. His fears are gone after watching those long, whippet legs working in the water!
We always catch and release fish but Buster at least got to see his first Blue Gill and give it what I’d call a kiss before it was freed. Honestly, I was afraid he’d bite it, but he had no interest in it. However, he was quick to acknowledge the kayakers and tried to swim to them once. They were to far away, but he definitely tried. Another quick jump into the water occurred when a bird flew a little too close to the boat. Instinctively, he jumped to greet it and a splash was the result. The bird escaped unscathed.
Our day out was cut short when an impromptu storm blew in. While brief, we were very concerned about lightning. Being in the middle of a lake during a storm isn’t fun. Halfway to the dock, the rain hit- hard. But, we made it back. I definitely had a hard time restraining Buster while we put the boat back on the trailer. I don’t think he wanted to leave.
After arriving back home, he was noticeably exhausted, but sported a wide doggy smile all day. I’m proud of him. His overzealous nature took a back seat to exploring and having his family love on him. I was grateful for the life jacket and that we’d packed extra bottled water with a plastic bowl for him. He worked up a thirst even with an endless supply of water! Although it was exhausting, I’d take him again in a heartbeat. Knowing we came dangerously close to losing him, I cherish everyday I have him in my life.