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Family Pizza Night Featuring Rustic Crust

20160123_154510There’s nothing like good food to bring the family together. Making good food together adds a closeness & can spark some amazing family conversations. Recently, we were blessed by the awesome folks at Rustic Crust with products to create a family pizza night.
20160123_154803Since our family has decreased in size from 5 to 3 with the two oldest flying the nest, we have tried to cherish each & every family moment we have. Making food together has always been an activity or family has treasured. Rustic Crust was generous enough to send us 3 crusts with 3 packets of sauce for 3 very individual pizzas. Stretching our creative abilities, we raided the refrigerator to see what we could come up with!
20160123_155529Using the Cheesy Herb Crust, I went traditional, old school with mozzarella cheese & pepperoni. Our youngest (13), went a little more modern with the Sea Salt & Basil Crust. His additions to the cheese & sauce were: black pepper, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, & ham. Not to ever be out done, my husband used the mozzarella, sauce, chives, sharp cheddar, provolone & ham on the Crispy Italian Thin Crust. We like cheese- obviously!
20160123_155425Right out of the box, we had a huge smiles on our faces. The crusts smelled AMAZING! It’s almost tempting to just eat them plain. As a mom & someone who often struggles to open packaging, I love that the sauce comes in a box, in 3 individual packages. No scissors needed, just a simple, easy tear-open pack. Anyone with an issue like Parkinson’s or Arthritis will appreciate how easy these packs are to use. To folks like us, it makes cooking a pleasure again.
As a plus for busy families looking for an easy-peasey weeknight meal, the pizzas cooked in 12 minutes. That’s quicker than you can call an order in! For those of us in rural, non-pizza delivery areas, it provides that delivery quality at home.
20160123_155802We all worry about what ingredients we’re putting into our bodies & especially what we feed our kids. I found it extrememly inpressive that none of these crusts were frozen. Adding quality, fresh veggies & skim milk cheese makes it healthier. Not to mention that you’re making it in your kitchen, with our oven, where you control everything that goes on. Gluten-free is available. Nothing needed refrigerated. Open, add, & cook.

Their website is loaded with great ideas for a never-ending list of creative pizzas. Rustic Crust offers an incredible line of crusts for every taste. The sauce is amazing. Don’t bother using any other sauce with these crusts. It’s unbelievable. Hands down, it beats any refrigerated crust or jarred sauce we’ve ever used. Honestly, it was better than some of our local pizza places too.
20160123_161155There are even coupons on the website. Rustic Crust is an A+ company with tremendous customer focus.

Visit them on Social Media for more info & recipe ideas:
Use their store locator to find a store near you. Pittsburgh residents can find them at Whole Foods. Even more GREAT NEWS: You can order their products on-line! YES!!!

*We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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