My Breakfast Creation

After realizing that I had a lack of breakfast convenience foods in the house & the fact that I was feeling pretty decent yesterday, I experimented with some ingredients & came up with this dish. Is it a pie? A Quiche? It is whatever it is, but it was definitely tasty!
8 Grands biscuits
2 or 3 pieces of Ready Bacon
1 Yellow pepper
1 red pepper
salt & pepper (a bit)
6 eggs
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
Heat oven to 350. Grease a pie pan. Line pan with biscuits by pushing them into what resembles a pie crust.
img_0624 Personally, I ripped the biscuits in half to make a thinner crust. Grands biscuits are layered so it’s easy to do. You may have to rip the halves in half to go up the pan sides.
img_0625Push biscuits down to make sure there won’t be any cracks in the ‘crust. In a bowl, beat eggs & cheeses with an immersion blender. Rip bacon into small pieces. Cut peppers into small pieces. Add to egg mix then blend once more. Pour mixture over biscuits in pan.
img_0626 Add extra cheese ,if you’re a fan of cheese, on top of mixture. Bake until the eggs are set- maybe 20 minutes. Let cool before cutting.


Pup-Peroni: A Winning Treat For Your Dog

img_0304-2My Buster loves his snacks. I’ll admit I can be a bit of a helicopter mom about what he eats. All his snacks need to be quality and from a brand I trust. I won’t except less for him. As my best friend and constant companion, I want him to have ‘goodies’ that taste good while still maintaining a healthy eating plan.

He’s an active little bugger and likes to take his snacks on the go. Pup-Peroni sticks are perfect for that. The fall season is as busy for us as it is for most families. While we aren’t really a sports-oriented family, we do have a lot of tasks outdoors that have to be completed before bad weather hits. Whether it’s ‘helping’ Dad with winterizing or following our boys around while they’re doing chores, Buster seldom sits still. Youth groups, school, work- we’re often on the go, too. 54

My guys need fuel for all they do and so does Buster. So, when I make everyone lunch, Buster stops to eat with us, too. One of his favorite foods (and a word he truly knows!), is bacon. Pup-Peroni’s new Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavors is a winner! From the first taste, I knew he was hooked! Plus, because it’s made with real angus steak and bacon flavors, I’m comfortable with him eating them. Pup-Peroni is a well known, well respected brand. I appreciate that, too.

Buster loves the taste. Trust me, they disappear quicker than you can say ‘Filet Mignon’! Their bag ¬†packaging makes them a convenient way take them on the go. The resealable bag delivers a fresh snack every time. Eventhough Buster adores his Milk Bones, I’m pretty sure that these are now his new favorite. As you can see in the picture, he was so happy when he got the first Pup-Peroni that he jumped into Dad’s arms!

With all he does for us, it’s nice to be able to give him a little thank you. We can’t remember life with out him and we wouldn’t want to. For all those special pups in your life, you’ve got to try the new Filet Mignon & Bacon Pup-Peronis.

Thanksgiving in a Potato Chip From Boulder Canyon

*Pic belongs ONLY to Boulder Canyon

When you hear the words ‘Potato Chip’, Thanksgiving probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps you think of potato chips as an unhealthy, salty snack. Boulder Canyon Foods is about to change your perception of this go-to food.

Right in time for the customary feast, ‘Thanksgiving-meal flavored potato chips’ are back. ‘Pumpkin Pie’ & ‘Turkey & Gravy’ flavors are anything but ordinary! If you are thinking that they sound too odd to be good, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ll admit it: I doubted that either one, in chip form, was a good idea. For once, I was happy to be wrong, too!

I recruited our 13-year-old & my husband to assist in a taste test. Without telling either of them, I had them try a chip from each bag. Immediately, they recognized the flavors. My husband has an amazing taste palate & he was THRILLED with the turkey & gravy chips. He noted immediately that he could taste rosemary. As for me, with a bit of a sweet tooth, the pumpkin pie was my favorite. You can absolutely taste the pie spices, especially the cinnamon. Now, our teen, he loved both! After the initial taste testing, he disappeared with both bags. Needless to say, I’ll be adding these to our shopping list.

Normally, I’d be bothered by our son snacking on chips. We’ve made a conscious decision to eat better. Thanks to Boulder Canyon, I learned that kettle-cooked chips have a 30% reduction in fat than other cooking methods. 30%!!??
That’s quite a bit! Plus, with Boulder Canyon, there is no trans fat or cholesterol. I can be confident that when my son eats these snacks, we’ve made a better nutritional choice. It also shows that Boulder Canyon cares about its food and its customers.

As parents, we can’t always stop our kids from eating less than stellar options when they snack. But, we can provide better, more nutritionally sound options. This time of year can be especially hectic so these chips (which come in a 5 ounce bag for $2.99 MSRP) are the perfect snack to keep handy. Don’t forget to buy some for yourself too! They’ll keep you fueled during the day so you’re less likely to hit the vending machine. (We all do that!)

Get in the Thanksgiving mood a little early. Pick up some Boulder Canyon chips. Surprise your guests for that upcoming football gathering. These chips are ideal for any gathering and you won’t have to cook or bake.
Visit &/or for full product info.

*We received the aforementioned product(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Healthy Snacking with Hope Hummus

How much do you know about hummus? It may not be the first item that you think of when someone mentions snack food. But, if you’ve never tried hummus or it’s been awhile since you’ve had it, you may want to give Hope Foods a try. With their variety of flavors, there’s basically a flavor to appeal to every taste.
We sampled 4 different flavors- Thai Coconut Curry, Original, Dark Chocolate, & Spicy Avocado. For the sampling, we tried each with pretzels and with pita chips. Only my husband had eaten hummus prior. I’ve always encouraged our boys to try new foods. Whether at home or at restaurants, I love for them to leave their food comfort zones & expand their palates. After trying all 4, we decided as a group that Dark Chocolate got our vote as family favorite.

All Hope Foods Hummus is vegan & gluten-free so even with the word chocolate in its name, you can be confident in what the kiddos are eating. You’ll notice on the labels that the word ‘organic’ appears often. With parental fears about pesticides and other not-good-for-you plant treatments, organic is always the best choice for ingredients.

Now, if you have picky eaters or they balk at the consistency of hummus, all is not lost. On, there are a host of great recipes & snack ideas. Personally, I was shocked at the number of dessert recipes. Who knew that hummus could be added to a cake recipe? Original and The Thai Coconut Curry can be used to make a unique dressing.

WIth a little imagination, hummus can be easily integrated into your snacking routine. Visit for full product info, recipes, and store locator.
*We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. Pics belong to Hope Foods ONLY.hope-singles

Join the ASPCA in Their #ShopWithYourHeart Initiative

SWYH-Shareable_square_062916_cow-decideDo you worry about where your food comes from & how it’s obtained? If not, then¬† we should. Join in the Shop With Your Heart Initiative. The ASPCA is shining a light on inhumane practices within the food industry. Most of the facts will alarm you. Hopefully, they will also change the way you view your food.

Visit their site and see how many people have decided that enough is enough. Watch the Video here. Make your own decision to avoid food brought to you in an unethical fashion. Take to social media & join the movement. It’s simple and completely free.

We all love taking selfies, so take one with your hands in the heart-shape. Add the hashtag #shopwithyourheart and @ASPCA. Sign the pledge as an educated consumer & tell your kids about it. After all, for things to have a lasting impact, our next generation has to pick up the torch, too. Once you sign the pledge on their website, you’ll have access to “an exclusive Shop With Your Heart Grocery List, including welfare-certified and widely available plant-based brands.”

We may not all be able to travel, donate, or hold elaborate fundraisers. But, we can all do something! This is simple & quick. I know you love sharing on you Social Medias so go for it! Spread the pledge!SWYH-Shareable_square_062916_chicken_factory-farms


Another Great Burger Recipe

One of the greatest compliments that my husband paid to me was saying that my burger recipe beat a well-known burger chain’s recipe. Although the internet is inundated with burger ideas, I’m still going to throw mine into the ring. It’s simple and, because I wasn’t simply blessed with great cooking skills, it developed via trial & error. I hope it works for you as well!























1-2 lbs. ground beef

a squeeze barbeque sauce

a squeeze Ketchup

a squeeze Mustard

Salt & pepper

Onion Powder

To make 4 burgers:

In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Mix until the seasonings & condiments are all mixed in & no longer visible. Heat skillet on medium heat. Roll meat into 4 separate equally-sized meatballs. Squash them into burger form. Place in skillet. Using a utensil or your finger, poke 4 holes in the burger. Cook to desired level of ‘doneness’. Eat.

A few quick notes:

We used 90/10 meet. For my husband, it’s non-negotiable. He won’t eat any other burger meat percentage. After having used just about every other percentage over the years, he’s convinced, rightly so, that it put ALOT of weight on us. Also, I use the sea salt pictured. It’s a preference. Use whatever salt you want. The same goes for all the other brands pictured. We poke holes in the burgers to prevent them from swelling in the middle and shrinking.