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New Hard Candy ‘Look Pro! Galactic Eyes Palette’

If you’re looking out you window at six or more inches of snow, Spring is probably the last thing on your mind. But, take heart! Beauty trends aren’t dependent on the weather. While you’re stuck inside, Hard Candy has been hard at work on their Spring 2018 looks.
I’m thrilled to introduce the ‘Look Pro! Galactic Eyes Palette’!
Ten out-of-this-world colors in one pro palette. Each shade, aptly named in an astronomical theme, has glitter galore and is easily applied with the (included) two-sided brush.
For starters, I need to sing the praises of this little brush. First, it’s perfectly sized. Not too big ot too small. It wipes off easily when or if you want to play around with different shades. I did not miss the typical sponge applicator one bit. Don’t you hate when those sponge tips fall of mid-application and you’re left with this mini-spear that pierces your eyelid? Yeah, no fun. So, I am a huge fan of the brush applicators.
Let’s talk colors! When I get new make-up, I always get that rush of happiness like when we were all in elementary school & you open that new set of crayolas. It makes you enjoy being a girl for a while.
In this palette we have: ‘Supernova’- a purple shade, ‘Retrograde’- a glittery black, ‘Spaceship’- a charcoal gray, ‘Nebula’- an earthy brown, ‘Eclipse’- sort of a black/gray combo, ‘Meteor’- a deep pink, ‘Blue Moon’- obviosuly blue, ‘Alien’- a green, ‘Shooting Star’- a yellow, and ‘Constellation’- a flesh tone.
I played around with every shade. Personally, I opt for earth tones for daily use. In the eyelid crease, I vary depending on my mood but, usually, it’s a brown or green. So, I switch it up a bit here.
First, I tried them as stand-alones. Excluding ‘Blue Moon’, you are going to have to do some layering for maximum impact. Blue goes on pretty deep from the get-go. ‘Alien’ is pretty close with maybe a two or three swipe application. Otherwise, you’re going to need to apply a bit more than you would with a regular matte shadow.
Second, watch the glitter. If you have unsteady hands or don’t tap the brush a few times before applying, you will have yourself a glitter bonanza. Just keep a make-up remover wipe handy and you’ll be fine. My choice, due to the shimmer, would be to use these on top of a regular matte. I usually use an eye crayon which definitely intensified the look of the shimmer. I liked the look.
Utilizing a dark, regular shadow base, these colors really pop. As a highlighter or in the crease, they were phenomenal. They had exceptional lasting power, too. If you use a colored eye liner (other than basic black), you’re going to have a lot of fun pairing different colors together. Both ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Constellation’ were awesome highlighters.
My year-round allergies often cause me to have to resort to wearing my glasses. After applying the palette, I noticed that the shimmer shows through even with eyewear.
Sometimes, eyes get ‘lost’ if you have specific types of frames. I was pleased to see a real difference when wearing my specs. If you do wear contacts, watch the glitter, nothing is more uncomfortable than when you get make-up on your contacts.
Looks and fun aside, make-up has to be affordable. Thankfully, Hard Cady gets it! Available exclusively at Wal-Mart, this palette is only $8 MSRP. That’s amazing. It’s difficult to find quality, single shadows for less than that nowadays. To get ten, fabulous shades, matched together for endless pairings for $8 is truly remarkable. In fact, I’d say it’s an out-of-this world deal (pun intended!). Have some fun getting ready for spring with Hard Candy!
**Pics belong either to Hard Candy or myself solely.
* I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are solely mine.
Many thanks to Hard Candy for NOT testing on animals (Buster thanks you, too!)

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On The Move With Beauty Box 5

August is only here for a few more days before we are all consumed with school, work, and activities that come with Autumn. Our theme of ‘Globetrotting’ fits because that’s all we seem to do in September. Before the leaves change and the school buses roll, we get a shot at one more beauty box.
Straight from our favorite subscription service, we get 5 great beauty finds. If you haven’t tried BB5 yet, the first question is why haven’t you? Seriously, it’s a fantastic, monthly delivery of 5 new, new-to-you, or perhaps oldies but goodies. Each month USPS delivers the coveted green box directly to your mailbox. Apparently, we’ve had some shipping issues this month. I believe it to be on my carrier’s shoulders. But, for the most part, you’ll receive the box by the 20th of the month. Never boring, the subscriptions start at $12 a month. No doubt, there will always be at least one item you will love and you can’t beat the price! Many times, the box contains full-sized products. This month we have 3 full-sized items.
Let’s get on the move! First up, we all want our tresses to move beautifully. No one wants a helmet or potato chip hair! To help us achieve this, Luseta Beauty sends along its ‘Argan Oil Hair Masque’. Argan oil is a plant oil from the kernels of the argan tree usually found in Morocco. It also sports wheat protein. Shampoo hair as usually. Generously apply. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse. Easy, peasy. Unlike other, similar masques, it definitely rinsed out smoothly and easily. I’ve tried a few that either felt like a headful of oatmeal or just wouldn’t rinse out, leaving no choice but to re-shampoo. As soon as my hair dried, I noticed it to be much softer and smoother. I look forward to using it again. It’s a weekly product. I love every thing about it except its price. The MSRP is $29 and while it wasn’t supplied in the box full-sized, it’s a bit too rich for my blood at this time despite its size. If you can swing it, it’s a great product.
Our second item was from another, new-to-me company. Seraphine Botanicals generously provided its ‘Quince + Crimson Crayon’. Although it is plugged as a double-duty, cheek + lip crayon. Be advised. This product smears and stains like you wouldn’t believe. I skipped using it as a cheek product. I decided that it was never going to be flattering on my super-fair skin. However, I did use it for lips. Drinking water and giving the hubs a kiss didn’t budge the color. It ended up being a somewhat flattering lip shade for me. However, it definitely smudged and definitely smeared over the course of wearing it. Perhaps for a night out or special occasion. Take care when applying. One goof will cause you to redo most of your make-up. A second ouch comes from its $24 MSRP. It isn’t something I’d buy again. Manna Kadar Cosmetics has popped in frequently in our BB5 boxes. Their ‘Glo Illuminator’ is a highlighter to be used with foundation or to be dabbed wherever you’d like. Honestly, I could barely see it. I use a foundation that promises illuminating ingredients so perhaps that was the issue. I’m not sure, but, again no matter its actual size, a $29 MSRP is a bit much.
Nanacoco isn’t new to me or BB5. Each time they’ve sent along a full-sized polish, I’ve loved the color. Their ‘Rio II Nailpolish Collection’ is fabulous. I find it tp be long-lasting and always a bright, vibrant shade. With an MSRP of $3.95, I appreciate that we get a lot of bang for the buck!
Finally, we have our 3rd full-sized product. ‘Styli-Style’ is new-to-me. Their ‘Line & Seal Eye Liner’ came to me in a shade I like. It was a dark, black shade. Promising a gel type formula and smooth gliding, it failed to deliver. I experienced the direct opposite. When applying it without any additional eye make-up, I found it pulled and skipped. After applying eyeshadow, the result was somewhat similar and pulled- a lot. Perhaps I’m used to liquid liner or it was just me, I’m not so sure. I’ve been wearing make-up for well over 20 years, so I think I can honestly say it isn’t a smooth, glide. Although the price is a dandy $6.50, the product wasn’t a winner in my book.

Bottom line: The masque and polish are big winners. But, this is the fantastic thing about BB5. We get to try all these products in the comfort of our homes, having never left the house to shop. No lines, no hassles, no traffic. Just take it out of the mailbox and enjoy. Many months, you’ll love every single product. Regardless, the service offers us a wide range of products to try. This month alone, compared to buying each of these products individually, you save, $80.45! Holy cow! That’s a pretty close estimate considering 3 of the 5 are actually full-sized!
Start Fall off the right way. Sign-up for Beauty Box 5 today. You can find full product info and ordering info by visiting . Until next month…………….

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BeardGuys For A Perfectly Groomed Beard

All 4 of my boys have facial hair. My husband has had a beard & moustache since I met him. All three sons have followed suit. In fact, at 14, or youngest has more facial hair than any of his peers.

In all honesty, I never gave much thought to beard care. Shaving cream was about the only product that I’d really thought about. But, now they’re going to be spoiled. They’ve just discovered BeardGuyz Beard Care Products.
Being that my husband and youngest are the only two males (besides Buster) left still living at home, they got to experience all the benefits of BeardGuyz. Both tried all three products, the wash, deep conditioner, and beard scentz. Both had the same opinion- BeardGuyz Beard Care rocks!

Starting with the wash: they first thing you’ll notice is the scent. It is fabulous. If you think regular face wash or shampoo is good enough for beards, you’re sadly mistaken. This beard wash is a daily use product. Containing 35 natural and organic ingredients. That may seem like a lot, but it’s a winning number. The product description will tell you how it removes impurities and gently cleans. I can say with certainty that my husband, a contractor, ends up with sawdust, paint, and other chemicals, in his beard. After using the wash, he could see and feel a difference. I could, too. Being that he & our son have sensitive skin, they have to be careful with skin care products. Both of them were able to use it without issue.
Next up, we have the Deep Conditioner.
Each of my guys has coarse beard hair. My husband has touches of gray throughout( they drive him bananas). So we were excited to see that the conditioner is geared for both these issues. It contains 25 oils, butters, extracts, vitamins & conditioners. I most definitely noticed a difference, especially in my husband’s beard. His is much thicker than our son’s, but even the younger one’s beard looked more groomed and smooth.

My favorite of the products was the Beard Scentz. The fragrance is AMAZING! It’s perfectly sized for back-to-school, gym bags, or office drawers. It’s easy to use and convenient. Containing Tea Tree, Thyme and Manuka Oils for moisturizing, it’s an extra boost for keeping beard hair smooth. I think it’s cutting edge time-release technology is fabulous. Eliminating odors and bacteria will keep them fresh & smooth throughout their day.

If you’re creating a care package for a son who’s going to college or getting a high schooler ready for the new year, BeardGuyz has some phenomenal products. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a complete grooming collection. Visit the BeardGuyz website for full details & product info.
Pics belong to BearGuyz ONLY! We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Adventure Awaits with Beauty Box 5

Summer is all about adventure. Although, admittedly, our sense of what is adventurous changes as we age. Whether you’re flying down a zipline or trying a new flavor of iced coffee, you want to look good doing it. Beauty Box 5 wants to help. As our favorite subscription service, BB5 delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or old friends, directly to your mailbox every month. They make seeing the mail truck exciting again! You can’t beat the price either. Nowadays, there isn’t too much that $12 can buy. But, for $12 a month, you get 5 beauty products. Many months’ boxes even contain full-sized products. June’s box has 4 full-sized treats. Buckle up! Here we go!
Jesse’s Girl was the one Rick Springfield wanted in the Eighties. It’s also a delightful cosmetics brand. It’s not a new brand to me, but I hadn’t tried their liquid eyeliner before this. Full disclosure: the box contained blue eyeliner which I haven’t applied since Springfield’s song. However, while the color was an epic fail on me, the product wasn’t. I agree it dried quickly. I did like its precision. I would purchase it in a different color despite what the fashion gurus may call ‘seasonal’. For, $6.99, it’s worth it. Prestige Cosmetics throws in a full-sized version of their mascara known as ‘My Biggest Lashes’. Kudos to them for it being in ‘black’. Although it’s $7.50 price tag isn’t bad, I found it to be a product I would not buy. One of their selling points was its ‘plushy’ brush. I call it cumbersome. It’s way too big for me. Two coats later and my lashes looked no different from before it was applied. Alas, my search for the perfect mascara continues.

Did Hair delivers their Jeweled Hair Tie Set. This two pack is adorable. Since hair ties aren’t usually all the rage, it’s hard to find ones that don’t make you look like you’re trying to be twelve again. These are different. They’re feminine without overdoing it and leave the focus on the hair rather than themselves. They also appear to be built to last. We all remember those horrid rubber band ones that would snap and zing across the room to God knows where. These don’t do that & don’t crease your do when they are removed. I like them & the $7.50 MSRP is a good deal.
Laritzy is a new-to-me brand. They sent their Lip Liner in Nude. I liked the color. I also tried it as a liner and as full lip color. Both seemed to last without any additional color help. Their ‘nude’ was a little different from what I’d call nude as it seemed a bit on the coral side. The only deterrent is the $18 MSRP. That’s too much for me to make it a permanent make-up bag resident.

Finally, and our only sample-sized product, is from Coastal Scents. They’ve made many BB5 appearances. This time they brought their ‘Revealed 3 Palette’. I was surprised at the last power of these shadows. The colors were spot on: one black, one dark plum & one lighter version, and an off-white. Used together they came out fabulous. I wore it utilizing all 4 colors and they stayed from day to-night without touch up. For this reason, I can deal with its $19.95 MSRP. I think the ‘Reveal 3 Palettes’ are winners.

Now, if we add up the box’s products, we get $59.94. That’s pretty accurate considering that 4 of the 5 are full-sized. We’ve saved $47.94! Plus, times, gas, and aggravation to go buy them. You can find full product info as well as subscription prices by visiting

Have a great Summer!

*Due to no one’s fault, my box didn’t arrive until 6/24. Usually, it’s here by the 20th.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Make Summer Sizzle with Beauty Box 5

Our theme for May is ‘Summer Date Night’. Whether you get out weekly or monthly, date night is important. In fact, it becomes almost essential for married couples. Beauty Box 5 wants to help you glam it up for a fun night out!

If you haven’t tried Beauty Box 5 yet, you’re missing out! For only $12 a month, 5 new, new-to-you or old standbys will be delivered directly to you via USPS. Whether you fall in love with the products or not, you get to try before you invest time, money, & effort in something new. If only the rest of our lives were that easy! Often, the boxes include full-sized items. This month ALL 5 products are full-sized! You can’t beat a deal like that. Three are new-to-me and two are familiar faces for BB5 customers. This month is especially awesome considering we get a bonus product. Let’s take a look!
NANACOCO has made an appearance for BB5 prior to this month. Here the give us their ‘Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencil’. With an MSRP of $5.50, it plays a dual role for beauty routines. It is most definitely a bright pop of color. While it is available in a variety of colors, the one sent to me would not have been my pick. Called ‘Mysterious’, it is a deep purple stick; however, when applied, it looks more like a pastel pink/lavender. Regardless, it was way too light for me. It goes on very light. In order to achieve the actual color that the pencil itself suggests, you’d need to heavy-handed when applying and perhaps layer it. It won’t work for me on the lips, either. Another color would be better. The product itself is fine. I had no issue with it excluding the color. Plus, the price is definitely reasonable.

Next, we have a new-to-me company. Cougar Beauty brings us ’24 hour Liquid Lipstick. I agree with the product info- you can never have too many lipsticks. I would recommend using a liner with this lipstick. Going on like a gloss, it did seem to bleed a bit past the lip. However, I love its scent. To me, it smelled like those butterscotch candies my Grandma used to have. Delightful! The color wasn’t named, but, I’d call it a rose shade. It boasts a long-lasting formula which I kind of agree with. The application lasted through a drink in a glass but I lost it after eating lunch. Still, that’s pretty decent. With an MSRP of $12.99, it’s not crazy expensive, but not a bargain either.

If a lip moisturizer is what you need, Jersey Shore Cosmetics offers its ‘Mongongo Lip Conditioner’. Try saying that super fast! This balm is organic, all-natural, & coconut scented. This was a new-to-me product as well. It works like most comparable, lip moisturizers. No more. No less. But, it has an MSRP of $10 which, to me, is a bit pricey for a balm.

Jelly Pong Pong (another tongue Twister) moves us from lips to eyes with their ‘Bare Necessities Highlighter Pencil’. This one is a triple threat for use as a concealer, eyeshadow base, and/or highlighter. While the peach color of the pencil is pretty, I just didn’t see any difference when I used it. It got ‘lost’ on my face. Perhaps it’s best for specific complexions or specific ways that make-up is done? I’m not sure, but it’s pass for me especially with its staggering $17.95 price tag!

After playing around in the sun, we need to wash the day away. Daily Concepts gives us their ‘Exfoliating Body Scrubber’. I think it’s neat that it has a label that fades when you need to replace it. What a smart little bugger! It definitely does it job and its $5 price tag makes it even better.

We can’t forget the bonus item! It’s the only item not full-sized, but it does sport a coupon if you fall for it & want more! Arnica Salve is perfect for summertime skin issues.

Being that the products are all full-sized, we can honestly say that if you bought each of these products at your local retailer, you’d pay $51.44! This month, we have a savings of $39.44! That’s a nice chunk of change to spend on summer fun.

You can find out full product info & ordering details at You’re experience with the products may differ from mine.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Be A Golden Girl With Beauty Box 5

It’s April! Although the month is almost gone, there still enough time to be your shining self! Most of us remember the thrill of getting a gold star on our elementary school work. Well, Beauty Box 5 gets a gold star for this month’s box. In case you missed all the puns, this month’s theme is ‘Stay Golden’!
Not familiar with Beauty Box 5? They are a monthly, subscription service that delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or old fave beauty products to you each month via USPS. Plans start at $12 per month- cheaper than 2 trips to Starbucks! You get to experiment with the latest trends and brands. Most month’s the box includes full-sized products. In fact, this month has 4! Add up the prices of the products if you’d buy them individually and you’ll be startled by the savings! I always am!
Let’s get started!
Three of this month’s manufacturers are one’s I know. Two are new to me. We’ll check the newbies first.

Jean Pierre ‘Vitamin-C Sheet Mask’ is our only sample size item. Usually, it’s offered in a set of 5 masks for $12.99. That’s not bad considering the amount a spa facial is! Plus, it provides you with a very valid excuse to spend 15 whole minutes in the potty….alone. Bonus! It’s simple to use, too. Wash your face. Make sure it’s dry. Apply the mask and wait the 15 minutes. It boasts anti-aging, brightening, & hydrating properties. After using the one included, I could tell that I looked more awake if nothing else.
DID Hair was new-to-me, too. They gave us a full-sized pack og their Bobby Pins. Golden & shiny, they certainly aren’t the Bobby pins my mom always had. Pins are a great way to throw hair up quickly whether you’re cooking, washing your face, or tired of your toddler pulling out clumps. Their golden shine makes them dressy enough for a date night but their functionality makes them cool for everyday. They have an MSRP of $8.50.
While the pins are a great tool for hair, BB5 has sent along 2 make-up tools as well. One of which is made by BB5! Their ‘Highlight Fan Brush’ is perfect for any look you want to achieve. It’s simple to use and allows for layering in whatever capacity it’s used. It has an MSRP of $12 which is understandable. With make-up brushes, you get what you pay for. A dollar store brush performs like a dollar store brush.
Sweep’s ‘Rose Gold Lash Curler’ was a blast from the past for me. I haven’t used one since high school! Sad, I know. Between jobs and kids, I just skipped using one. Despite the fact that my 14-year-old thinks it looks like a torture device, this curler is fantastic. Yes, it’s pretty as can be. But, pretty is only skin deep. So, does it work? Simply put, yes! There’s no pulling, no lash loss, and it’s sized for any size hands and eyes. It provided a nice curl that was definitely noticeable. It has an MSRP of $15.99.
Finally, our fifth product is ‘Blush’ from Be A Bombshell. It’s a pretty sizeable blush for having an MSRP of $6. I was surprised at how big it really is compared to other competitors. My color was ‘Cougar’. Meow! Their suggestion is to utilize the Fan Brush discussed above. I liked this color. It’s very similar to the color I use daily. I’d probably refer to it as a rose, a warm hue. It lasted as long as comparable brands and definitely can be layered and adjusted to personal preference. I declare it a gold star winner, too.
Now, if you add up all of April’s box, you get $55.48. That saves you $43.48 if you bought these individually. But, then you need to consider the travel to the store, standing in line, etc. plus the gas & finding a parking space. Whew! It’s SO much easier to wait for the mail carrier, isn’t it?

Visit for full product and ordering info. You’ll like what you see.
Full disclosure: for whatever reason my box was about 5 days late this month. Usually, it’s here by the 20th.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. Your experience my differ from mine. All opinions are solely mine.