Make Summer Sizzle with Beauty Box 5

Our theme for May is ‘Summer Date Night’. Whether you get out weekly or monthly, date night is important. In fact, it becomes almost essential for married couples. Beauty Box 5 wants to help you glam it up for a fun night out!

If you haven’t tried Beauty Box 5 yet, you’re missing out! For only $12 a month, 5 new, new-to-you or old standbys will be delivered directly to you via USPS. Whether you fall in love with the products or not, you get to try before you invest time, money, & effort in something new. If only the rest of our lives were that easy! Often, the boxes include full-sized items. This month ALL 5 products are full-sized! You can’t beat a deal like that. Three are new-to-me and two are familiar faces for BB5 customers. This month is especially awesome considering we get a bonus product. Let’s take a look!
NANACOCO has made an appearance for BB5 prior to this month. Here the give us their ‘Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencil’. With an MSRP of $5.50, it plays a dual role for beauty routines. It is most definitely a bright pop of color. While it is available in a variety of colors, the one sent to me would not have been my pick. Called ‘Mysterious’, it is a deep purple stick; however, when applied, it looks more like a pastel pink/lavender. Regardless, it was way too light for me. It goes on very light. In order to achieve the actual color that the pencil itself suggests, you’d need to heavy-handed when applying and perhaps layer it. It won’t work for me on the lips, either. Another color would be better. The product itself is fine. I had no issue with it excluding the color. Plus, the price is definitely reasonable.

Next, we have a new-to-me company. Cougar Beauty brings us ’24 hour Liquid Lipstick. I agree with the product info- you can never have too many lipsticks. I would recommend using a liner with this lipstick. Going on like a gloss, it did seem to bleed a bit past the lip. However, I love its scent. To me, it smelled like those butterscotch candies my Grandma used to have. Delightful! The color wasn’t named, but, I’d call it a rose shade. It boasts a long-lasting formula which I kind of agree with. The application lasted through a drink in a glass but I lost it after eating lunch. Still, that’s pretty decent. With an MSRP of $12.99, it’s not crazy expensive, but not a bargain either.

If a lip moisturizer is what you need, Jersey Shore Cosmetics offers its ‘Mongongo Lip Conditioner’. Try saying that super fast! This balm is organic, all-natural, & coconut scented. This was a new-to-me product as well. It works like most comparable, lip moisturizers. No more. No less. But, it has an MSRP of $10 which, to me, is a bit pricey for a balm.

Jelly Pong Pong (another tongue Twister) moves us from lips to eyes with their ‘Bare Necessities Highlighter Pencil’. This one is a triple threat for use as a concealer, eyeshadow base, and/or highlighter. While the peach color of the pencil is pretty, I just didn’t see any difference when I used it. It got ‘lost’ on my face. Perhaps it’s best for specific complexions or specific ways that make-up is done? I’m not sure, but it’s pass for me especially with its staggering $17.95 price tag!

After playing around in the sun, we need to wash the day away. Daily Concepts gives us their ‘Exfoliating Body Scrubber’. I think it’s neat that it has a label that fades when you need to replace it. What a smart little bugger! It definitely does it job and its $5 price tag makes it even better.

We can’t forget the bonus item! It’s the only item not full-sized, but it does sport a coupon if you fall for it & want more! Arnica Salve is perfect for summertime skin issues.

Being that the products are all full-sized, we can honestly say that if you bought each of these products at your local retailer, you’d pay $51.44! This month, we have a savings of $39.44! That’s a nice chunk of change to spend on summer fun.

You can find out full product info & ordering details at You’re experience with the products may differ from mine.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

Be A Golden Girl With Beauty Box 5

It’s April! Although the month is almost gone, there still enough time to be your shining self! Most of us remember the thrill of getting a gold star on our elementary school work. Well, Beauty Box 5 gets a gold star for this month’s box. In case you missed all the puns, this month’s theme is ‘Stay Golden’!
Not familiar with Beauty Box 5? They are a monthly, subscription service that delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or old fave beauty products to you each month via USPS. Plans start at $12 per month- cheaper than 2 trips to Starbucks! You get to experiment with the latest trends and brands. Most month’s the box includes full-sized products. In fact, this month has 4! Add up the prices of the products if you’d buy them individually and you’ll be startled by the savings! I always am!
Let’s get started!
Three of this month’s manufacturers are one’s I know. Two are new to me. We’ll check the newbies first.

Jean Pierre ‘Vitamin-C Sheet Mask’ is our only sample size item. Usually, it’s offered in a set of 5 masks for $12.99. That’s not bad considering the amount a spa facial is! Plus, it provides you with a very valid excuse to spend 15 whole minutes in the potty….alone. Bonus! It’s simple to use, too. Wash your face. Make sure it’s dry. Apply the mask and wait the 15 minutes. It boasts anti-aging, brightening, & hydrating properties. After using the one included, I could tell that I looked more awake if nothing else.
DID Hair was new-to-me, too. They gave us a full-sized pack og their Bobby Pins. Golden & shiny, they certainly aren’t the Bobby pins my mom always had. Pins are a great way to throw hair up quickly whether you’re cooking, washing your face, or tired of your toddler pulling out clumps. Their golden shine makes them dressy enough for a date night but their functionality makes them cool for everyday. They have an MSRP of $8.50.
While the pins are a great tool for hair, BB5 has sent along 2 make-up tools as well. One of which is made by BB5! Their ‘Highlight Fan Brush’ is perfect for any look you want to achieve. It’s simple to use and allows for layering in whatever capacity it’s used. It has an MSRP of $12 which is understandable. With make-up brushes, you get what you pay for. A dollar store brush performs like a dollar store brush.
Sweep’s ‘Rose Gold Lash Curler’ was a blast from the past for me. I haven’t used one since high school! Sad, I know. Between jobs and kids, I just skipped using one. Despite the fact that my 14-year-old thinks it looks like a torture device, this curler is fantastic. Yes, it’s pretty as can be. But, pretty is only skin deep. So, does it work? Simply put, yes! There’s no pulling, no lash loss, and it’s sized for any size hands and eyes. It provided a nice curl that was definitely noticeable. It has an MSRP of $15.99.
Finally, our fifth product is ‘Blush’ from Be A Bombshell. It’s a pretty sizeable blush for having an MSRP of $6. I was surprised at how big it really is compared to other competitors. My color was ‘Cougar’. Meow! Their suggestion is to utilize the Fan Brush discussed above. I liked this color. It’s very similar to the color I use daily. I’d probably refer to it as a rose, a warm hue. It lasted as long as comparable brands and definitely can be layered and adjusted to personal preference. I declare it a gold star winner, too.
Now, if you add up all of April’s box, you get $55.48. That saves you $43.48 if you bought these individually. But, then you need to consider the travel to the store, standing in line, etc. plus the gas & finding a parking space. Whew! It’s SO much easier to wait for the mail carrier, isn’t it?

Visit for full product and ordering info. You’ll like what you see.
Full disclosure: for whatever reason my box was about 5 days late this month. Usually, it’s here by the 20th.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. Your experience my differ from mine. All opinions are solely mine.

The ‘Eyes’ of March From Beauty Box 5

Outside temps may not be an indication, but we are halfway through March. Of course, this means our Beauty Box has arrived! My box was a tiny bit late this month. Usually, it’s here about the 17th & I got it on the 20th. Being rural, you’ll have that sometimes. But, BB5 is always a welcome, mailbox surprise. In fact, I thing they’re the best subscription service around. Each month, 5 new, new-to-me or even old faves, arrive via USPS. For $12 a month, you can try before you buy and have fun with beauty products again. Sometimes, we’re gifted with full-sized products. I’ve never had a box without at least 1.

This month we have 4 full-sized products. We’re all about eyes this month. Here we go!

We’ve all seen them- people who are sporting false eyelashes that look, well, fake. I had no idea how to apply them the first time I tried. Full disclosure: I learned from YouTube! New innovations and better products have resulted in a much more natural look. ‘Sweep’ delivers 2 of this month’s products and both are obviously full-sized. Both are for falsies.

(Do yourself a favor and buy adhesive. It isn’t included in the box.) First, we have the lashes themselves. They do look natural. With eyelashes, you get what you pay for. I’ve used Dollar Store brands and Brand name. Trust me, there is a HUGE difference. A set of 5 is $15. Honestly, that’s a pretty good price. Plus, the second product from Sweeps is a ‘Lash Helper’. If you’re into the falsies, this little bugger is indispensable. Easy to handle, it aids in placing the lash as close to your natural lashes as you can get. No more glue fingers. For those of us with shaky hands, it makes this beauty step a whole lot easier. It’s worth the $9.99 price.

‘Manna Kadar’ is a familiar name from BB5. Their Lash Primer is our only sample-size this month. Those you want to skip the false eyelashes still want their mascara to make their eyes pop. This primer’s promise is to achieve the false look without the fuss. Well, I tried it, not once but twice. I applied it underneath- ironically- mascara from Maybelline’s ‘Falsies’ collection. I saw absolutely no difference. The second time I even used only mascara and no other eye makeup. Still, no difference. With its MSRP of an eye-opening $24, it’s a pass for me.

Bellapierre Cosmetics adds its full-sized, ‘Cosmetic Glitter’. Lest we not be sparkly enough, this one can go anywhere- hair, lips, eyes, etc. Zing! Sparkle on, ladies! It definitely is a Renaissance product with a resume like that. For me, and my mundane life, I don’t have much use for such a dramatic look. However, if I was a decade (or 2) younger, and went to places other than ones with grocery carts, I’d love this. I appreciate that it can be mixed with other products like a powder or eyeshadow. If shine is your game, go for it! It has an MSRP of $15 but if you’re having fun, then it’s worth it.

Prestige Cosmetics generously adds a full-sized product, too. ‘True Metals Eyeshadow’ is almost too pretty to use. While the color in my box wasn’t exactly what I’d pick, I still liked it. It seems to go on light so it doesn’t appear out of control. Of course, applying more gives a deeper, darker look. I love that it’s a wet OR dry shadow. That opens up a lot of possibilities. It’s MSRP is $9.75 which is pretty competitive.

Add them all together (especially since 4 out of 5 are full-sized) and we get a total of $73.74. By getting them from BB5, you save $61.74. That’s a nice chunk of change!
Visit to see full product info and most importantly, ordering info. You’ll love it.

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and your experience may differ.

T.L.C. From Beauty Box 5

This month, TLC stands for Total Lip Care! February, the month of love, has been given ‘Lips’ as its theme. All 5 of this month’s collection are for your lips only. Pucker up! Here we go….
Four of our Five products are full-sized. That’s just one of the awesome perks that come with Beauty Box 5. Never used BB5? You truly are missing out! They are a monthly, subscription service that delivers 5 new, new-to-you, or even old favorites right to your mailbox. With a $12/month price tag, BB5 gives consumers the opportunity to try before they buy. Instead of investing your time and especially your cash, in products that have a 50/50 shot of being just what you wanted, you can experience it and draw your own conclusion in the comfort f your own home. Some you’ll love, some maybe not so much, but you’ll have fn trying new things each month.
Jean Pierre Cosmetics’ Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask is our only product not full-sized. The actual mask itself is full-sized but it usually comes in a 5 pack. Here, we get one mask to try.
Upon first glance, the masks sort of remind med of those wax lips we used to get when we went trick or treating. You remember the ones? They were really red or had fangs and such. Good times, good times. Back then we didn’t need beauty treatments but time marched on since then! So, this product is left on for 15 minutes, removed, then you rub in the excess liquid.
The trick for me (and most moms) is keeping my mouth shut for the 15 minutes. It definitely feels like pampering and with its $5 for a set of 5 MSRP, it’s an affordable way to get your face TLC.
The next 4 items are all full-sized. ‘Tint Beauty’ makes a double contribution for February. Unicorn Lippie & Unicorn Liner go together like PB & J. Both came as the color ‘Make Believe’ which can best be described as a coral. I will say that the liner impressed me. I used it the day of my son’s performance for our local Fine Arts Festival. It stayed through numerous bottles of water and lasted literally all day. Corals are not for me, but the lip liner would be a good buy in a different color. Its MSRP of $7 is mostly competitive, but not outrageous.
The ‘Unicorn Lippie’ was not my favorite. I felt the application of it was gooey and felt like Vaseline. While it claims to last through dinner, it was long gone after water bottle number 1. With an MSRP of $9, I’d skip it, but keep the liner.
Next up, we have ‘Lip Glow’ from Style Essentials. This one looks like a lip pencil but is actually a balm. It goes on similar to Chapstick. If you are looking for a balm with color, than this one isn’t for you. The balm is lightly tinted, lightly being the key word. Mine came in ‘Pearl’. I could barely see any color. Personally, I’d have sought out a much deeper color. It’s definitely a more feminine take on simple lip balm. Its MSRP of $4 is perfectly reasonable and a good thing to carry in your purse.img_0653Finally, we have ‘Colour Hybrid’ from So Susan. This product can do double duty.Use it on cheeks and lips. But, this time, we’ll use it solely on the lips. ‘Colour Hybrid’ doesn’t come in a traditional lipstick tube. It looks more like a Carmex tube or a sample-sized toothpaste. I agree that when applied sparingly, it does add a hint of color that works well. As for lasting power, not so much. It wore off pretty quickly. Word of caution: be careful how you handle the tube. Excessive squeezing or not have the cap on properly will result in messy hands. Just saying. It has a whooping $17.50 pricetag which I feel is beyond economical. img_0654 Add up all the MSRPs & you get $42.50. Being that 4 are the same sized you’d buy individually, you’re saving 30.50. Nice!
You can find all the ordering info as well as product information by visiting They are the best subscription service around. Great company, great people, great products!
*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine.

Prepare to Party with Beauty Box 5

img_0514 We are 6, yep, 6 days away from Christmas! I can honestly say that I am ready this year. No promises for next year, but, this year I’m all set. With the holidays come parties galore. School, office, family- you name it, they’re celebrating! Our faithful friends at Beauty Box 5 are giving us a December box full of products to get a party perfect look.
img_0515 Not familiar with BB5? They are our favorite monthly, subscription service. Each month, delivered by USPS, we receive 5 new, new-to-you or old fave products. Some you’ll adore. Some, maybe not so much. Either way, it’s fun to try before committing to buying the product. We all have that drawer of misfit products that didn’t quite make the cut. Eliminate that with BB5.
img_0516December’s box has 4 full-sized products in it! Wow! You’ll also find a special gift card from BB5 to you! As always, they include instructions on entering their Instagram contest which can help you score some extra goodies!
‘Jelly Pong Pong’- I dare you to say it 5 times really fast!- presents its ‘Liquid Gossamer’. Full disclosure: I had to read the tube to figure it out! No joke. My naiveté aside, it’s one of the four full-sized products. For an MSRP of $22.95, its job is deliver a bit of radiant holiday tidings. I’ll agree that it is very lightweight & easy to apply. I tried it on my brow bone & cheeks. Whether I’m too fair/pale or for some other reason, I just didn’t see any difference. I tried it with full-face make-up and honestly, didn’t see any change in highlighting from normal make-up. I tried again with minimal coverage and had the same results. Personally, I’d spend my $22 on other, proven products.
Neutrogena is a well-known beauty staple. It is the only product that isn’t full-sized this month. Their products are proven to be effective and have been on the market for as long as I can remember (at least). This time, we’re trying their ‘Rainbath’. With an MSRP of $7.24, a little means a lot as just a dollop on a loofah cleans beautifully. While I’m not crazy about the spicy scent (it reminds me of medicated dandruff shampoo), I am a fan of its cleaning power. Definitely worth its price.
Next up is full-sized, ‘Amlactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion’. That’s a mouth-full to say! I was pretty impressed with this little bugger. It’s full-size is 2 ounces, but it packs a punch. After your bath/shower, put it to work on your dry skin aka feet & elbows. I’ve tried many lotions who claim to moisturize for a full 24 hours. Amlactin does what it claims. I still felt its wonderous affects the next day. I am adding it to my shopping list! It’s MSRP of $2.99 is a steal.
‘Professional Freezing Finish Spray’ is a must for anyone this season. With hair like mine (uncooperative, fly away, stubborn), I need a hard-hitting hair spray. I’ve used ‘Professional’ before and continue to be impressed. It’s full-size is perfect for purses and taking along to Church, work, or social events. My hair stays put even in nasty, December winds. Again, with an MSRP of $3 it’s well worth the price.
Finally, we have another product which I have grown to love. Hikari’s Lip Gloss came to me in ‘Fate’. That shade is a cranberry-ish purple. For me the MSRP of $13 is a stretch right now, but if I could swing it, I’d invest in it. I do have to re-apply it after eating, drinking, or some time passes. I like the feel of it and definitely was digging the color. I think it’s a winner.

If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, maybe a stocking stuffer or Haanukah gift, BB5 is the perfect present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year. Unlike candy or candles, it lasts! Plus, every month, you or your recipient gets a new ‘gift’. You can’t go wrong. It arrives by the 20th of every month like clockwork.
Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Wonderful Holiday Season!

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cozy Up To Beauty Box 5

img_0307 After a week of over 70 degree temperatures, winter weather arrived with a vengeance yesterday. Dumping about an inch of snow and seeing temps in the mid 20s was certainly Winter’s Hello. Luckily, there was a bright spot in the day. Our Beauty Box 5 have arrived!

If they’re new to you, BB5 is an outstanding subscription service that delivers monthly. Each box holds 5 new, new-to-you or even an old fave or two, beauty product for you to try. Instead of investing money in multiple products that you aren’t sure about, BB5 gives you the opportunity to try them out before making a commitment. Many times, this box included, you’ll be treated to a bonus in the form of a Full-Sized product. We have 2 of those this month.

We all know what stores are like this time of year. It’s so much easier to stay home in your jammies & let USPS deliver some sunshine to you. No warming up the car or layering on clothes. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s downright fun to play with new beauty trends! November’s box is all about ‘Cozy’ so grab a latte & let’s take a look.
BRIOGEO is definitely a new-to-me company. Their November mission is to help our hair. For our consideration, they’ve sent along a ‘Deep Conditioning Hair MAsk’. After shampooing, massage it in, wait 10 minutes & then rinse. I’m all for any excuse to hide in the bathroom for an extra 10 minutes when things are chaotic. I give them bonus points for that. I can also say that it definitely make my hair a bit smoother & softer. My only negative for it is the price. An MSRP of $36 is a lot to spend to a lot of people right now. If you can swing it, give it a try! The product is good, just out of my league.
Up next is our first, full-sized item. PEONY sends along their Shadow Trio in Gilded. According to the info sheet, it’s made to last 8 hours, but ut is suf=ggested that primer be used with it. I had no primer available at the time I tried it. But, I did think it lasted a decent amount of time. I also like the earthly, bronzed-based shades. Each member of this trio compliments the other. It has an MSRP of $17.95 which is a bit steep, but ultimately a beauty buyer decides for herself whether or not it’s worth that price.

img_0310Full-sized product #2 comes from BB5 themselves. The ‘Cut That Crease Angle Brush’ does a fantastic job with blending. Being that they are experts in beauty, leave it to BB5 to create an awesome tool for us. It has an MSRP of $10 which is beyond reasonable for a quality make-up brush. This is the second BB5 brush that I’ve used and have been impressed by the quality of both.

Neutrogena will no doubt be a familiar name to you. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality beauty products for years. Their ‘Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes’ are a product I’ve used prior to receiving them this time. I loved them then & still do. I’ve never had an irritation problem from them & they’ve always removed even the toughest, darkest make-up. The $6.49 MSRP is reasonable and many stores sell them for a lit less. They’re a winner, always.
Finishing up our box, we have ‘Lip Locked Stain in “Shae”‘ by Manna Kadar. Promoting itself for having primer, stain & lip gloss in one product, they claimed to last all day. I cannot back that claim up. For me, it lasted until I had a bottled water. It was gone shortly there after. I wasn’t crazy about the shade either. Pink has never been I color I could rock and it washes me out to the point that I could be an extra on the Walking Dead. However, I gave it a go and was sorely disappointed. There is also something odd about the texture. It didn’t feel natural to me. Add in the MSRP of $24 and it’s a pass for me.

That’s the true ‘beauty’ of Beauty Box 5. You never know what product you may fall in love with or which one just isn’t for you. Either way, if you add up the MSRP’s for all the products you get $94.44. You save $82.44 with BB5. That’s quite a savings! You can find out full product & ordering info via Don’t forget that the holidays are almost here! BB5 would make a great Secret Santa gift or Stocking Stuffers!

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.