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Prepare Your Heart For #Easter With a #Free Online #Bible Study

Bible Gateway is offering a new, online Bible study for Easter.

In this free Online Bible Study, we’ll shape a picture of Jesus and his world in light of the exodus. We’ll see how the Essenes and John the Baptist are linked to the desert experiences of Israel’s past. We’ll follow Jesus into the desert where he, like Israel, was tested and prepared for his mission to the world. And we’ll consider the events of the Last Supper and the night of watching in Gethsemane against the backdrop of the exodus experience.

Register now for The Path to the Cross Online Bible Study, starting March 9, 2020 and ending April 12, 2020.


Unlike many other devotionals and studies for Easter, ‘The Path To the Cross‘ begins with Exodus. During the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, I, like many other Christians, focus my reading and devotionals of The Passion. Easter is such a pivotal time for believers. There is so much emotion and love surrounding The Crucifixion and Resurrection that it can become overwhelming. Don’t miss a message that God may be showing you. Add this free, 5-week study to your church’s or organization’s plans for this significant time of year.

Included with the study is a toolkit and study schedule. You’ll find a Bible reading plan suited to the various weeks’ studies. There is a map of sites in Israel that also pertain to the study. Two inspirational quotes can be printed and framed, if you wish. One is a Bible verse. My favorite part of the toolkit is the 2-part Holy Timeline.  Each entry on the timeline contains the event and verses that correspond.

All it takes to sign up for the study is a valid email address. It’s completely free without obligations. I believe you will enjoy the videos and be blessed as we remember the love and sacrifice of Our Savior, Jesus.

*Pic & Quoted Text belong solely to Bible Gateway.

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