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More of Franklin

After the visit, we had a waiting period to hear whether or not we’d be with Franklin. I had all my paperwork in order. I researched every article on Lyme I could find. The most promising tid bit that I learned was that he could fully recover with proper nutrition, love, and a low anxiety environment. That was amazing news and something I’d not been aware of previously. We’d been provided with his basic necessities. We felt we were 100% ready.

The staff called on a Friday morning, telling me to ‘Come get my boy.’ We were excited, nervous, anxious- all at once. Before I came in, they told me I’d need to spend a few minutes with the attending vet. My heart sank. But, they didn’t want to explain on the phone.

When we got there, the vet met us to explain. The night before, he’d been part of a walk around the grounds. Coming down a gravel hill, his legs had buckled in the back. He fell. When they brought him in, he was fearful and didn’t want them touching him. I was not deterred. I thanked the staff for all the info. We went in the morning. I had been provided with his basic necessities. So, with a new collar & leash, my son & I walked in. We were more nervous than anyone! Honestly, I worried that he would even remember us. That first day, it couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes together.

The rescue was busy with volunteers and a few people who’d just had to surrended their animals. No judgement, but, it was SAD. I caught glimpses of him as the door would open & close. Finally, I heard the volunteers wishing him well and telling him his new mom was outside. Whether or not he understood, I’m not sure. But, the Franklin who walked out of that cage was a new dog! He was doing the full body wag. Darn right, he remembered us. He ran straight to us for pets and kisses.

They handed me his file which looked much more like a textbook. All his medical info, etc. Goodness! It was a lot. We thanked everyone and walked Franklin out of the resuce to a new life. He jumped in the car. I wasn’t sure what kind of car dog he’d be because I don’t know if he’s been in one other than the animal control vehicle. Regardless, he never looked back. He stuck his nose out of the window, smelled everything, and only let out a noise one time at a traffic light.

To Be Continued……


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