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A Viral Weekend

It hit me Friday. Out of the blue. One minute I was happily going about my day and the next I was in misery. Initially, I thought I was having a vicious allergy attack. My eyes were acting funky. My upper respiratory system was freaking out and I felt awful. By the time the hubs got home that afternoon, I couldn’t function. I kept thinking it was just a nasty allergy thing due to the weather spiking from 20 to 60 in 2 days time.

By Friday night, I knew it was viral. My body ached so badly that my husband said I was screaming in my sleep. During the day, I couldn’t stay awake. I think I took 3 naps Saturday. I’d had high hopes for the weekend. I have been desperately looking forward to starting a new, really big painting. I didn’t have the energy to feed myself let alone paint. At some point, I told my family to just enjoy their time together & I checked out.

Even my fur babies were concerned. Buster was laying on top of my legs as I couldn’t get warm. Butter was curled near my head and wanted to endlessly lick my head. God, I love them. I didn’t expect sympathy. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. I let my mom know and she along with my aunt prayed. I spent a lot of time in prayer, too. To keep myself from being consumed in my misery, I tried to remember all the words to specific praise songs.

Whether I was in and out of sleep or consciousness, I don’t know. When Sunday hit, my stomach became involved. It was an angry stomach. Very angry. No vomiting, but I really, really wanted to. Along with the nausea came mind-numbing pain. Full body, lose your senses pain. Parkinson’s makes everything worse. It’s an unfortunate, but accurate fact.

As the day went on, my senses cleared. I felt human-ish. I couldn’t do anything really. I read a lot. I prayed a lot. As Monday arrived, even though I had a horrible time sleeping, I feel better. I’m operating at perhaps 75%. I am so grateful that the Lord heard my prayers and honored them. To be this much better after feeling really close to meeting Jesus face to face, is a miracle. I’m disappointed my family didn’t seem as concerned as I was. My advice to other Parkinson’s patients is to take care yourself even when your family drops the ball. But, stay in close contact with the Great Physician. He’s always available.

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