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Geometry Drama

I had to give an inspirational speech this morning. It was one any movie, football coach would’ve been proud of giving. It wasn’t in front of a crowd or a bunch of VIPs. No, my speech had an audience of 1- my son.

Math is the thorn in my side, the cloud on my sunny day, the rain on my parade. I hate it. No, I loathe it. Elementary school math is cake! Give me the times tables any day. I knew geometry was coming. As soon as sophomore year began, I got a tremendous case of anxiety. Full disclosure: I passed the class myself, with a ‘D’. True story.

My son has always been a good student. He’s articulate and conscientious. Math has never been his forte, but he’s been a basic ‘B’ student. That is: until this year. Yesterday, my brave little soldier gave up. He threw up his hands and said he couldn’t do it. He’d checked out. As a parent, that’s the very last thing you want to hear.

So, this morning, he started his pity party and confessed that he felt stupid. I had enough. He may be struggling but he is definitely NOT stupid. So, I had to deliver an epic speech. I thank the Holy Spirit for providing the words. I explained to him that God has a purpose for him well beyond geometry. I reminded him that his goal is to go to college and become a youth minister.

I reminded him that he mustn’t give up. Giving up is a slippery slope. Once you do, it becomes a cycle of throwing in the towel when things stink. I don’t want him to venture into those waters. I didn’t raise a quitter. So, Mommy speech complete, we went online and found some quality tutorials.

Now, we know it won’t be easy and we know it’s going to be a fight. But, we are NOT giving up. Eventually, the year will end and geometry will be behind us. Hopefully, we’re going to come out on top. I’d love to see him excel at it and become this super, geometry whiz. But, I know that even if we don’t excel or fly through that he’s going to be ok. He will go on to serve the Lord in ministry. He will not quit because the Lord & I won’t let him.

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