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A Viral Weekend

It hit me Friday. Out of the blue. One minute I was happily going about my day and the next I was in misery. Initially, I thought I was having a vicious allergy attack. My eyes were acting funky. My upper respiratory system was freaking out and I felt awful. By the time the hubs got home that afternoon, I couldn’t function. I kept thinking it was just a nasty allergy thing due to the weather spiking from 20 to 60 in 2 days time.

By Friday night, I knew it was viral. My body ached so badly that my husband said I was screaming in my sleep. During the day, I couldn’t stay awake. I think I took 3 naps Saturday. I’d had high hopes for the weekend. I have been desperately looking forward to starting a new, really big painting. I didn’t have the energy to feed myself let alone paint. At some point, I told my family to just enjoy their time together & I checked out.

Even my fur babies were concerned. Buster was laying on top of my legs as I couldn’t get warm. Butter was curled near my head and wanted to endlessly lick my head. God, I love them. I didn’t expect sympathy. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. I let my mom know and she along with my aunt prayed. I spent a lot of time in prayer, too. To keep myself from being consumed in my misery, I tried to remember all the words to specific praise songs.

Whether I was in and out of sleep or consciousness, I don’t know. When Sunday hit, my stomach became involved. It was an angry stomach. Very angry. No vomiting, but I really, really wanted to. Along with the nausea came mind-numbing pain. Full body, lose your senses pain. Parkinson’s makes everything worse. It’s an unfortunate, but accurate fact.

As the day went on, my senses cleared. I felt human-ish. I couldn’t do anything really. I read a lot. I prayed a lot. As Monday arrived, even though I had a horrible time sleeping, I feel better. I’m operating at perhaps 75%. I am so grateful that the Lord heard my prayers and honored them. To be this much better after feeling really close to meeting Jesus face to face, is a miracle. I’m disappointed my family didn’t seem as concerned as I was. My advice to other Parkinson’s patients is to take care yourself even when your family drops the ball. But, stay in close contact with the Great Physician. He’s always available.

#Sponsored Book Spotlight: Love Big: Kat Kronenberg

I received the title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Pic/Synopsis belong solely to the author/publisher.

SYNOPSIS: “Set in the heart of the African Savanna, Love Big follows moody Baboon as he discovers another powerful secret.

The once lush, thriving, African savanna has turned dry and desolate. Hungry, miserable, and mean animals seek only their own interests. Baboon watches as, one by one, Rhinoceros destroys Termite’s castle in his race to find food, Hare chooses not to share food with her family, and Lion steals food from his pride.

But after Baboon sees Rhinoceros give Hare his snack-on-a-stick, everything changes! Baboon realizes that a transformative power exists between the animals and the star-dust that surrounds them once they share smiles and truly believe in themselves and each other. When Baboon tries out this secret by helping Lion, they share a smile, and CATCH-M, The Magical, Mystical, Miraculous Star-dust that surrounds them, whooshes into their lives to wham! ignite the courage in their chests too. Read on to see if Baboon can save the savanna with this new secret and a very stinky, unlikely hero . . . ”

MY THOUGHTS: Today is a day to celebrate love. Unfortunately, I did not love this book. In all honesty, I didn’t like much about it. Understanding that the author is highly acclaimed, I expected a home run, out-of-the-park hit. What I got was a book I didn’t want to finish.

As always, I encourage readers to experience books for themselves. Apparently, some readers did enjoy it. I found it muddled and confusing, especially being that it is geared toward younger readers. The main character, despite those mentioned in the synopsis, is a literal piece of poop. In fact, there is a lot of talk about this poop. Termite uses it for his home and it becomes a main character.

Another issue I had with it were the ‘transformative’ powers of the star-dust. While I understood this to me a ‘mythological’ story, which is fine, this felt more new age, evolutionary to me. As a Christian parent, that’s a no-go. I hoped to find happiness in the illustrations, but found them to be a huge left-down as well.

I appreciate the message of kindness and the message of a strong community. But, the author tried to jam-pack a host of public service messages into one book. It didn’t work. I give it 2 generous stars.

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