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First Time With Contour/Highlighter

I purchased these products myself. Not a sponsored post.

Yesterday, I went for it. For several weeks, I’ve had in my possession, the contour & highlighters. They were so intimidating to me. I don’t know why. I just didn’t want to look like a self-tanning, inept make-up novice, I guess. I’ve seen so many Youtubers do it. My ‘Liked Videos’ are full of how-tos.

So, I took the step when Rite-Aid had a BOGO 75% off sale. Then, I looked at Amazon for brushes. I chose the Niki Garret ones. Then, I figured, after the way things have been going these last few weeks, I needed to do something fun, for me. Once I realized that most contouring Youtubers are in their twenties, with perfect skin, filters, and no flaws, I searched for a fuller face. I found a video featuring a self-professed plus-sized girl! Hooray! I am one, too! Even my face seems to be plus-sized.

So, I watched the video twice. I sat at the kitchen table, make-up mirror lit up like a runway, and prepared. I had all my other make-up on, except blush, per instruction. My husband was home and found this whole thing quite entertaining! I started the video from the beginning, taking great pains to do every blessed step. I watched as the guru took each brush and dipped it into her contour. I will say she had a WAY bigger palette than I did. However, I chose my contour color based on my skin tone. She was very tan, almost orange-y.

As I followed along, my intimidation with the products dissipated. I rationalized that if I totally botched it, I could grab the micellar water and off it’d go. I carefully used the contour brushes. My husband came up behind me and said it looked good. Oh my heart! Ok, we’re doing it! I blended as she did and then applied my blush.

Now, I was actually trying NOT to smile. I continued the video as I went on to the highlighter. I looked in the mirror, having completed the routine, and was pleased. My husband reaffirmed that he thought it looked good. I had tried something new and succeed! It was such a feeling of accomplishment. I texted my mom, aunt, and sister. I even put product pics on Instagram. I don’t feel confident enough to show my face in pics, but, knowing I had really done it was amazing.

I will continue to branch out as I’m able. But, there’s one more fear conquered!

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