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#Sponsored DVD Spotlight: ODDSOCKEATERS

Out Now!

January 8, 2018
DVD SRP: $24.95


Ever wonder where your missing socks go? The Oddsockeaters eat them! (though, to be fair, their mantra is “never take the full pair”). Based on the international bestselling books by Pavel Srut, ODDSOCKEATERS brings home audiences into the little known world of these mischievous creatures unknown to humans. And, this January, Omnibus Entertainment socks it to consumers when the Dove®-approved animated tale arrives on DVD and Digital platforms.

In a whimsical, heartwarming and unique adventure perfect for family viewing, Hugo is a small Oddsockeater venturing out into the big world for the first time. After moving in with his uncle “Big Boss” and his two nutty cousins, he encounters the Professor, a human determined to proving the existence of Oddsockeaters, as well as The Blades, a crosstown gang of rival sock thieves. Wild adventures ensue as Hugo learns the ropes of being an Oddsockeater as well as valuable lessons about family, love and the true meaning of loyalty.

MY THOUGHTS: Sometimes we all need a little more silliness in our lives. Our world is a serious place and if families can sit down together, for a little over an hour, and enjoy themselves, then I say, ‘Go for it!’
As a mother, I have been perplexed for years about where in the world those sneaky socks end up. Well, now I know. Personally, I’m relieved that the Oddsockeaters have them and that it’s not the result of irresponsibility on my part. Some of the missing socks were better off disappearing!
That aside, ‘Oddsockeaters’ is adorable and will be a hit with the younger set. Parents will enjoy the story and the fact that it has that down-to-earth feel unlike the big budget flicks out nowadays. Check out the trailer above and add some extra socks to the dryer for our little friends.

About Omnibus Entertainment/Film Movement

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