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Giveaway 1/31

Clinique Happy Perfume Giveaway #giveaway #win

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Giveaways 1/30

Valentine’s Day Subscription Box Giveaway #giveaway #win Omaha Steaks #Giveaway 2/8

Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle #Giveaway
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Polar Vortices and Engagements

We’ve laughed for years that one of our meteorologists loves to say ‘Polar Vortex’. He’s used it to the point where no one really knew what it was any more. Now, we really have one. Our area is setting 2 records for lowest temps- one today & one tomorrow. Of course, then on Tuesday, it’s supposed to be 55. What?! Yeah….

My fur babies have their cozy sweaters on. My sinuses are killing me. Schools are closed for the next 2 days. The world- from my kitchen window, anyway- is silent. They even said it was too cold to snow. However, it is, in fact, snowing here. Everyone is stiff, sore, and cranky- at least those I encountered last evening. The only thing not silent is my mind.

February 1st, my son will be 22. I won’t be able to give him a birthday hug or even call him. He was cut me out of his life completely. I haven’t heard from him in over 6 months. I was keeping tabs on him through Facebook. His girlfriend had never unfriended me. When he found out, he blocked me. I sent word repeatedly through various friends of his that I love him and miss him. His replies aren’t fit to type.

So, yesterday, my mom went to his girlfriend’s Facebook page and there, she discovered the relationship status changed from in a relationship to engaged. Now, the last time I’d spoken to him, he’d mentioned the ‘M’ word. He said they were ‘discussing’ it. I guess now they decided.

I still, in all honesty, am not sure exactly why he cut me out of his life. He was using cocaine. I know that. He admitted it. I told him how much potential he has and that he didn’t need drugs in his life, reminding him that his older brother is a heroin addict. I told him I was afraid he’d die. Basically, I did a lot of nagging. But, there isn’t one thing I can put my finger on that was SO bad that he wouldn’t want to talk to me. That makes it worse.

At least if I knew what I’d done, I could get closure? I guess. I just go over and over the conversation and can’t pin point what it was. For now, it’s something I must live with. So, as the world around me is cold and frozen, I feel the same way in a part of my heart. The part where my baby boy is missing. When the weather finally thaws, I hope his heart will too.

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Giveaways 1/29

GuruOutdoor Contest #1 (Brazilian Cotton Hammock) #Win 2/3

Enter the Sweepstakes Advantage Robot Vacuum Giveaway! #vacuum #sweepstakes

Flash Giveaways! #Win
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Giveaways 1/28

Enter to WIN a Taste of Paris with Your Own Box of Macarons and a Signed Copy of Paris Writers Circle #giveaway #win

Writers of America Cookbook Sweeps #Win 1x 3/1

#win Pink Champagne Pendant from Stauer .
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Giveaways 1/26 White Aluminum & Windows St. Lucie. #Giveaway 2/28

Western Hunter Magazine 1x 3/15

$300 Visa Gift Card #giveaway #win
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First Time With Contour/Highlighter

I purchased these products myself. Not a sponsored post.

Yesterday, I went for it. For several weeks, I’ve had in my possession, the contour & highlighters. They were so intimidating to me. I don’t know why. I just didn’t want to look like a self-tanning, inept make-up novice, I guess. I’ve seen so many Youtubers do it. My ‘Liked Videos’ are full of how-tos.

So, I took the step when Rite-Aid had a BOGO 75% off sale. Then, I looked at Amazon for brushes. I chose the Niki Garret ones. Then, I figured, after the way things have been going these last few weeks, I needed to do something fun, for me. Once I realized that most contouring Youtubers are in their twenties, with perfect skin, filters, and no flaws, I searched for a fuller face. I found a video featuring a self-professed plus-sized girl! Hooray! I am one, too! Even my face seems to be plus-sized.

So, I watched the video twice. I sat at the kitchen table, make-up mirror lit up like a runway, and prepared. I had all my other make-up on, except blush, per instruction. My husband was home and found this whole thing quite entertaining! I started the video from the beginning, taking great pains to do every blessed step. I watched as the guru took each brush and dipped it into her contour. I will say she had a WAY bigger palette than I did. However, I chose my contour color based on my skin tone. She was very tan, almost orange-y.

As I followed along, my intimidation with the products dissipated. I rationalized that if I totally botched it, I could grab the micellar water and off it’d go. I carefully used the contour brushes. My husband came up behind me and said it looked good. Oh my heart! Ok, we’re doing it! I blended as she did and then applied my blush.

Now, I was actually trying NOT to smile. I continued the video as I went on to the highlighter. I looked in the mirror, having completed the routine, and was pleased. My husband reaffirmed that he thought it looked good. I had tried something new and succeed! It was such a feeling of accomplishment. I texted my mom, aunt, and sister. I even put product pics on Instagram. I don’t feel confident enough to show my face in pics, but, knowing I had really done it was amazing.

I will continue to branch out as I’m able. But, there’s one more fear conquered!