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2018 Reflections

Yet another year is done. 2018. Ups & downs. Sideways turns and twists. It’s been a YEAR, for sure.

Early in the year, my husband had some health challenges with his back. He underwent an MRI and had a terrible reaction to turmeric. In February, our youngest son participated in the PenDel District Fine Arts competition in the short sermon category. Although we felt he did a bang up job, he was not passed to the district competition. His participation ended in the sectionals. However, Mom got to see him participate and that was a blessing.

Also in February, we weathered a literal storm when our state underwent 3 separate seasons in 1 day- 3-ish inches of snow followed by freezing then straight rain. Starting in June, we began house hunting. Things we could afford were worse than what we have and things we wanted, we couldn’t afford. Crooked houses, lazy real estate agents, and disappointment abounded. We remain in our home still.

I tried some new things this year. I utilized our local stores pickup/delivery services. Being able to place an order on-line, have a person help me load the truck, and bring it home is a priceless service to someone like me. Having it delivery to my home is astounding! Not once, but twice, I ordered this ,when our rural, gravel road was suitable, they had no problem bringing us deliveries.

We said goodbye to a staple in our community. Ferreri’s Pizza was in business 52(!) years. With age & health woes plaguing him, Mr. Ferreri hung up his apron and retired. Believe me, he didn’t want to. I went there just to thank him and he teared up saying his family forced him to. His little shop was bought by Domino’s who is doing a terrible, terrible job.

On August 11th, we stepped out to the Steam Show. It was a first for our son & me. We had great fun, I challenged my physical abilities, and we got out for a while.

September was tragic. I had a terrible car accident . It involved my truck, a deer, and a concrete barrier. It did $9K in damage. Thank God for Progressive! My son & I weren’t hurt, but, the truck had an incredible amount of damage including having the running board ripped almost off. It was in the shop for weeks.

October was definitely better. Butter joined our family. Our rescue Chiweenie has turned our lives upside down and we’re loving it. October 6th, I joined my mother & Aunt on a long road trip to Alabama. We headed down for a week to see my sister. I’d thought we’d fly due to my aforementioned accident; however, it was cheaper, easier, & quicker to drive. It was a blast! It was the first time I had been to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. I got to see my sister’s new home and spent time ith my only nephew.

Also in October, I turned the big 4-1. July saw my husband reach 51. Our boys turned 25, 21, and 16.

Having made the journey to Alabama, my mom, age 71, decided to stay with my sister. We weren’t sure she was coming back to PA. However, she remained there only until Thanksgiving with a promise to return there for Easter.
I just want her to be happy, wherever and however that is achieved.

Another, huge low point involves are adult kids. Our oldest son, 25, isn’t biologically mine. I’ve known him since he was 5 and raised him for the last 10 of his minor years. He is a recovering heroin addict. 2018 saw him in jail and then rehab. During his stint in rehab, his girlfriend discovered she was pregnant. Being that they break up and reconcile weekly, pretty much, we have no idea what would happen. Without delving into the mega details, their baby was born 12/6, the day before our son turned 16.

We haven’t seen the baby. We probably never will. The girlfriend ,a recovering/current addict herself, was ordered to remain with her mother in a neighboring county. Our son only gets to see the baby weekly. He’s not permitted to take him anywhere. God is in control of the situation and I don’t know what will happen.

My biological, older son, 21, and I had a falling out when I discovered he was using cocaine. He became angry and has decided that we are ‘too churchy’ for him. I haven’t gotten to speak to him for months. I kept tabs on him via Facebook until he got wise and had his girl block me. I love him. I pray for him. I know, one day, he’ll find his way back.
I honestly considered changing the blog’s name. However, I am still devoted to my family. I put them in God’s hands and just take a day at a time.

Here’s to a 2019 filled with family and the Lord’s promises.

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