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When a Book Series Ends…..

When you’re an avid reader, a book series can become an important part of your life. You look forward to the next installment. You check Amazon daily. You can almost become giddy when you see that a new book was released. Then, the inevitable day comes. The series ends.

Recently, I had 2 series end. One, I expected. The other was a complete surprise. The first one was not a surprise mainly because I could tell that the author didn’t know where to go with it. The last 3 books before the finale were forced. There was no character development and each mystery seemed almost recycled.

The second series was a complete surprise. It was on Book 33. It seems an odd number to end with. As I read the finale, I had thought perhaps there’d be a spinoff. No such luck. Granted, the author is maintaining 3 separate series currently. But, I was dumbfounded when the finale book also killed off a main character.

It wasn’t well done. Fine, the author wanted to kill off a character. Ok. But, when the murder is solved, at least end with something upbeat and positive. Leave your readers with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Instead, the murder is solved and the remaining 2 main characters end the book with an overly simplistic ‘Merry Christmas’. What?!

No hint as to what their futures hold or anything. We’re just left with an empty hole, wondering how their lives really ended up. Susan Gillard ended her popular Donut Hole Mysteries series properly. We had closure, we had futures discussed, etc. I wish all authors did this. It’s almost infuriating.

Readers deserve better. We’re loyal. We buy the books. At least, at the very least, end your series so that the majority of readers are satisfied. You can’t please everyone, but, your dedicated reader base deserves more. End of rant.

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