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Giveaways 12/31

#Giveaway 1x 2/1


Enter For A Chance To #Win A $400 Online Store Gift Card For Mouthwatering Filet Mignon Jerky!
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Giveaways 12/29

LIFX Beam Kit #Giveaway

Xbox One S – Battlefield 5 Bundle GIVEAWAY!!! #giveaway #win

The Book Lover’s Gift Set! #giveaway #win
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Christmas 2018

Just like the last 7 years, this Christmas was emotional for me. I alternated moods from wanting to cry to exhaustion to happiness and back. It had its highs & lows. Butter being here helped. It was her first ‘real’ Christmas. Watching her eyes literally light up when she opened her own present and found the contents to be a plush hedgehog puzzle was truly a high point. She rolled the hedgehogs around, amusing herself with her own private game. Buster, who received similar, albeit larger, squirrel puzzle, brought joy as well. He is much less interested in ‘solving’ said puzzle. His curiosity rested solely with the squeakers.
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Giveaways 12/22

Win $1,000 Amazon e-Gift Card with CoinMarketDaddy #giveaway #win

Samsung Laptop New Years #Giveaway via @SweepsAdvantage

2018 PROMO GIVEAWAY #giveaway #win
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