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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Modarri Cars


Modarri takes your kid’s love of cars to the next level with their new customizable track and race cars they can build and design themselves. Fueling their imagination and creativity, kids will love using interchangeable high-quality parts to build their own models. Other cool features include:

-Durable parts – includes real metal frames, heavy duty plastic, built-in screws that don’t fall out and rubber tires
-Real steering and suspension mechanics – controlled with a single finger in the driver’s seat. Do sharp turns and quick figure-eight patterns without ever re-positioning your hand
100% kid powered – no batteries needed!
-Endless options – 3 cars together can be designed hundreds of different ways!
-Portable – take your cars to grandma and grandpa’s house, to the park, on a plane, birthday parties and more!
-STEM toy – these award-winning Modarri cars fuel a child’s creativity and learning as they develop their fine motor skills, logic, and imagination through countless hours of hands-on, explorative-play
-Available at, Amazon, Target, Walmart and dozens of other retailers nationwide

MY THOUGHTS: First and foremost, I LOVE that this isn’t another ‘tech’ toy! Kids need to get back to the basics and these toys are perfect for that! They don’t even need batteries (Thank goodness because no parent ever has batteries when they need them!) Next, they incorporate STEM. That way, if you can’t wait until Christmas, it’s an educational toy you can utilize for homeschooling!
Something that definitely caught my attention was the fact that they are built-to-last. So often my sons have had toys that didn’t last unil New Year’s Day. Words like ‘built-in screws’ mean a lot to caregivers who have kids who play rough and lose pieces. Because the tires are rubber and it’s a heavy duty plastic, risk of injury is less. That matters!

Who would be the best recipient of Modarri cars? My suggestion would be: anyone! Children who adore Lego and Lego-esque building sets will love the versatility and the freedom that those set don’t provide. Critical thinkers and those with big imaginations will benefit from the customizing the very best track possible. It is a gender-less toy, also. Young ladies will have just as good a time building their favorite car as a young man would. Any child will be exercising their STEM thinking skills without a screen in front of them.

Modarri is a fabulous gift for your Holiday Gifting.

Modarri Cars received Popular Science’s prestigious “Toy of the Year” … not once, but twice! And they’re so popular, you’ll find them throughout Universal Studios at Jurassic Park, Transformers and the Fast & Furious. They even have an entire area dedicated to Modarri “Build-Your-Car”.
**I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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