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House Hunting: Uppity Realtors & Disappointments

We were all set to view houses tonight. I had talked with my mom about the two we were interested in. She had a good feeling about it. I usually go by her intuition on big matters. So, I had a positive outlook and a happy spirit. Both houses made my glad list. Either would have been okay with me. My husband would be the deciding factor, I’d determined.

But, alas, it was not to be…again. In regards to the first house, the folks selling it seemed to just not want to sell. They set obscure hours for potential buyers to view the house. Mainly, 12-2Pm during the week. My husband works. This was a problem. Besides, the realtor that was representing this house, was flighty and couldn’t remember anything like my name, the house’s address, etc. When I told her that those hours weren’t feasible, she sent me back an incoherent text. I replied with ‘Pardon?’. She blamed Siri! I didn’t text back.

Now, the second house was way more promising. Inside, it had an adorable, nostalgic feel. Walls were brick and wood, the kitchen was cozy, there was a basement. We were way more smitten with this one. So, I contacted the agent for the house. He was a young man, articulate, but, his company is known for providing upscale houses. That just isn’t me. I’m just a rural girl in a rural world. I love finer things, but, it’s not within our means to keep up with the Joneses.

So, he agreed to meet and it was scheduled for tonight. When I’d first spoken to him, he acted like this house was a thorn in his side that he wanted to be free from which made me hopeful that he’d be an ally. I inquired about a few things we’d noticed, for example, it was blatantly obvious that there had been a fire in the kitchen. I asked about the odor and whether it had spread. He said he was selling it for a man whose parents had died. They had a kitchen ‘mishap’. There was no odor but the kitchen needed ‘TLC’. Okay.

I hung up, info in hand, and called my husband. He informed me that he’d looked at the MLS and it listed that the home had no water. No water? In 2018? Alright? I figured it had to be an oversight. Nay. I texted the agent. He skeptically told me that there was a slim chance that public water was available but the well was not operable. Good grief! So, there is no water currently, the house has been vacant 3 years, kitchen was burnt & there’s a toilet missing. Holy cow!

Needless to say, if I had that much to invest in a home’s redo, I’d have been doing that here! Our current home has enough problems. I don’t need someone else’s. However, that’s not what upset me. It was the agent’s next few comments. He asked about pre-qualifying for a mortgage. I was honest. Our credit is stinky. We have collateral and a possible co-signer. He then asked about how much home we could afford. I gave him a number. I swear he choked. ‘Oh’ was his reply. Then, he abruptly said, he didn’t have anything for us and good luck.

Perhaps his business card should say ‘Only call me if you can afford a 250k house’. We’re not rich. Sorry, dude. I was aggravated & s bit humiliated. In all honesty, I cried. He doesn’t have to help us, but, to act put out because we aren’t in his tax bracket is unprofessional to say the least. So, I would never call this man again even if I came to win the Power Ball Lottery!

I called my mom and whined. We will continue looking and let God guide us.

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