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House Hunting: Here We Go Again

So as I sit at my kitchen table trying to make egg salad and get things ready for dinner, I can’t stop thinking. My husband and I started looking at houses again after the last big rain. We found two. The first one looked to be everything we needed and wanted. The second one we kind of found by accident because it was on the same page in our same price range and honestly, I kind of like it better than the first.

So I filled out the little form on Trulia. That was for the first house. Less than two minutes later an agent from Coldwell Banker called. I can best describe her as eager. That’s being generous-the word I want to use as pushy perhaps we should say desperate for a sale.

She wanted to meet immediately. Now this was six. The area we’re looking in is about 40 minutes from here. I told her that was out of the question. I asked about today she said her daughter had soccer practice. I find it hard to believe her daughter had soccer practice all day and night but I digress.

So we agreed to meet Wednesday night. What struck me as odd was that she hinted that the people were still living in the house and an appointment had to be made with them and she wasn’t sure whether or not they will allow it. I was uneasy.

We took a look at the second house.  We noticed that it was being sold by a different realtor. So again I filled out the Trulia app form and he didn’t call me back.

So my husband and I talked about it and agreed that we would ask a realtor friend of ours to show us the house instead.

After my husband went to work this morning he text me and said he didn’t feel good about that house. The whole fact that you need to make appointments with the people living in it and such was just giving him a bad life. Now I don’t know if that’s normal. Maybe in some Realty circles you’re supposed to do that. Maybe people want to meet people that are going to buy their homes. I don’t know how that works. But that’s not Who We Are.

So I called the other realtor and left a message. I figure if God wants us to look at this home then okay. What struck me as odd was that home number 2 is not on the multi list. That could simply mean that the Realtors don’t want to share or it could mean that the homeowners are really really picky. I don’t know.

When I prayed about it, the Lord simply said you go look at it I’ll deal with the details. I’m cool with that. I would much prefer that the Lord handle the details.

To be continued……



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