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Book Spotlight: Ruby and Hewey: A Story of Friendship: Rebecca and Rodrigo Pool

BOOK INFO: Ruby and Hewey: A Story of Friendship is the tale of how Ruby and Hewey became best friends. They learn life lessons of acceptance and that being yourself is always the best choice. In this story we meet the quirky characters on Farmer Carol’s animal rescue farm. Hewey the sheep, is new to Honeysuckle Animal Rescue Farm and is struggling to fit in. When Hewey’s feeling down, an unlikely friend steps up to help him realize his potential. Honeysuckle Farm is full of fun animals and new friends.

MY THOUGHTS: I loved reading ‘Ruby & Hewey’! The beautifully illustrated characters experience several different scenarios which teach them (& readers) big life lessons. First, there’s friendship. The relationship between the two main characters is based on trust and giving each other a chance. Next, we have an anti-bullying message. Hewey is bullied by the other sheep, but handles it with grace and patience. He utilizes a support system (Ruby) and expresses his feelings. Then, we have Hewey’s choice to do the right thing. Without spoiling the ending, I’ll say Hewey makes a choice to forgive and help those in need.

All of these scenarios are relevant to today’s children. They’re often bombarded with ways to combat bullying and make friends. However, this book shows young readers all the right ways to achieve this. The story keeps young readers’ attention with its fast, action-packed plot and likeable characters. I’ve recommend the book to several libraries for their anti-bullying displays. I know this one will be a hit! 5 stars!

AUTHOR INFO: Rebecca and Rodrigo are a married couple that is committed to bringing entertainment to children through songs and stories. We are a family run business and love creating together. Our Mission is to entertain kids of all ages through songs and stories; promoting multiculturalism, acceptance, and believing in yourself. In addition to writing the original story, the Pools now feature all the characters from Ruby and Hewey: A Story of Friendship on their YouTube channel RnRaside Kids, where they sing songs and tell stories.

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