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Diamond Painting

Finding a hobby that coincides with Parkinson’s disease is not an easy feat. Not only do you have the motor skills issues but oftentimes Parkinson’s causes you to not be able to sit still. Many times, anxiety and a constant need to move make tasks quite difficult.
I’ve been trying my hand at painting. Pun intended. But I found that my skill level caused more frustration than enjoyment.
I happened to see on Facebook several ads for something called Diamond painting. It intrigued me and I started looking at the different ads. It seemed to me to be a beautiful form of expression helping to increase one’s artistic expression will not being too daunting of a task.
Also the materials and the kits themselves aren’t expensive. So I went for it. I found a kit that struck my fancy and I ordered it. I had initially planned to paint as in with brushes a picture for my sister’s new house. However, when I saw a diamond painting featuring pinks and a butterfly would she’s a fan of I decided to try that one instead.
When it finally arrived, being that it took a while to arrive from China, I started in on it right away. I noticed that it was compatible with my waning dexterity and my hands weren’t shaking too much. The few times that I have an issue with shaking and dropped the diamonds here and there I was able to use the tool android there was any damage to the painting.
Basically, Diamond painting involves a screen print that has a legend of colors and numbers. A tool is included that you put a little bit of wax at the end and then you touch a diamond with the tool. The wax sticks to the diamond which is then strategically placed according to the color Legend. The screen print itself is covered in adhesive. The diamond sticks to it and there you go.
I was definitely encouraged by watching a small video on YouTube of how to do it. It featured an 8-year-old girl. So of course I said to myself, if an eight-year-old can do it so can I. I was also encouraged to see that my oldest son was also taken with it. We sat at the table together when he visited recently and as he watched he asked if he could try. Before I knew it he had completed half of a painting. By this time I had also ordered an additional kit which I sent home with him.
I’m glad I took the leap of faith and tried it. I finally finished the picture for my sister. All totaled it took about 16 hours. But it was totally worth it. I can truly understand why it’s such a fast-growing hobby and it is addictive.

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