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A Better Butter Day

What a difference a day makes! This day was just shy of perfect. Little miss Butter really applied herself to obedience.  I praise God for His mercy and blessing on our efforts.

After Daddy started to get ready for work,  she got into bed with me. We watched him leave then, she, Buster and I went outside.  After a few minutes,  she peed.  I made a big show of my excitement.  Then the 3 of us went inside for ‘pee pee cookies ‘ aka doggie snacks.

We enjoyed a little quality time before our son woke up. We all agreed to feed her precisely at 11. This was the time she seemed to choose.  But, at 9, she went and scratched at the door.  My son took her out and she POOPED!!

Anyone within earshot thinks I’m insane. Butter got Super Bowl cheers and dancing! Of course,  she got a treat too. We had playtime,  a walk, and the day progressed nicely.

No clothes were destroyed and zero accidents.  At 9:30, she went out and POOPED AGAIN!!! More crazy partying! She was so proud.  She danced and jumped with all 3 humans and Buster.

I know the Lord is working.  Buster is happy.  Butter is happy.  We are happy.



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