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Butter: The Early Days

After the initial introductions were done and I thought our house was going to become normal again, we began to have some minor Butter issues. For example, Butter is good at going outside but then she wants to come in to poop. Thing is that I don’t have a large house it’s always obvious if an accident has happened. 3 days after we got her, my husband and I had to take a trip out of the house and she was home alone with our 15 year old and of course Buster. She pooped outside twice. We, of course, made a great big deal about it and praised her and she was given treats. We thought, how easy!
But we should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy. Here we have a dog with severe separation anxiety, having had multiple owners, and a drastically bad living situation. My husband and I are patient people (when it comes to animals anyway) but even this was blowing our minds. Why would she go outside to pee and then poop inside the house?
Medical issues were quickly ruled out. This left three factors food, environment, and training. Obviously she needs a lot of work. Being that my husband works outside the home, it’s pretty much up to me. All this while dealing with a sophomore year of high school for our son, an aging mother, household duties, Buster, and a chronic illness.
I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer. God gave us dominion over animals. The Bible’s pretty clear about that. So every night I’ve been taking dominion over the situation and asking for the Lord’s guidance and help. I definitely can’t do it without him. If there’s any bright spot to the situation with Butter, I’m certainly moving more. Plus I think Buster enjoys the extra attention. So right now I’m watching dog training videos, web chatting with vets, and accepting guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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