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A Dog Named Butter Part 4

No more than 3 hours after we got home, Butter’s former ‘family’ began texting. How was she? Do we want her? Telling me how hard it was to let her go.

I struggle with this. No one wanted her. They couldn’t be bothered for 3 weeks. Now they were emotional. They asked for pictures of her, the yard, the house. I felt uncomfortable. I sent off a few pics. They were generic ones of her. I didn’t send house pics.

I had a similar exchange with Buster’s people. No problem. I understood. But, these folks, no judgment, just facts, couldn’t even feed her daily and were content to leave her alone 24/7.

The texts continued until I said we were going to bed. Butter slept on my husband’s chest from 11 PM until 6Am! We were blown away. I woke up to battery of texts begging me to let the family come to my house to see her.

My husband was adamant- no way! He was still livid at her prior quality of life. I had to agree. I thought I would skirt around it by saying it was too soon. Apparently, that wasn’t acceptable. They insisted that the sister who had wanted this dog in the shelter needed to say goodbye to her to move on. Again, I said no.

Phone calls began. They rained compliments on me for my generosity and love for animals. Surely, I could find 5 minutes for the sister to hug her? I explained that we are busy. We have one vehicle. My son is homeschooled. Any possible excuse to make them get it. I thought it worked.

But, sigh, they kept texting into the night. They even called the vet to see if we had made an appointment. I prayed. I called my mom. Her advice was simple. Block them. I fired off one final text. I told them that we are putting Butter first this time. No visit. No more pictures. I wished them all the best. Then, I blocked the number.

For the next 48 hours, random numbers called the phone. But I didn’t answer. No texts came. It was finally finished. So far anyway. What the truth is, I think I’ll never know.

What I do know is, Butter is a good dog. My family is complete. I will continue to detail our ups and downs. But, one thing is clear- she’s home.

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