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#Sponsored Book Spotlight: Dreams: Jessie Chris

SYNOPSIS: Jessie, the victim of bullying in school has set a goal of visiting 100 schools in 2018 to speak with students. To date she has visited 51 and is scheduled to visit another 75+ in the fall. She is the face of The Ad Council’s #BeMore Campaign as well as Sylvania Lighting’s #BeTheLight Campaign. Bose will be supporting Chris during this fall’s tour. Jessie released her latest single and empowerment anthem “ROME” which she first performed as the featured artist at this year’s Gracie Awards. “ROME” was written by Jessie Chris, Summer Overstreet (daughter of Paul Overstreet), and David Spencer and Produced by Spencer (Hunter Hayes, Jacob Whitesides) and Mixed by Matt “McV” McVaney (Kane Brown, Levi Hummon).

MY THOUGHTS: ‘Dreams’ is definitely relevant in today’s world. All children see on television are adults who can’t stop bullying each other and then, many times, they have to go to school and witness it there as well. Jessie Chris definitely has the write idea. Using creativity to reach little ones is gentle and effective.

Her life in general speaks volumes as to what children can do when they think like overcomers. I hope that her book sparks these feelings in its readers.  If it can change just one child’s view of themselves and the world around them, then it was worth it.

Autumn Dickens has done a beautiful job illustrating. These colorful pictures along with the rhyming, easy-to-follow story make this book a winner. Teachers should consider it for circle time and homeschoolers should add it to their libraries as well. Sometimes are homechooled  kiddos get bullied, too. It’s perfect for early elementary students.

I give it 5 stars!
*Pic & synopsis belong solely to the author/publisher.
**I received the aforementioned title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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