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A Dog Named Butter Part 3

While my husband and I were dealing with the humans inside, 3 family members were on the porch. They kept looking in and talking. I mentioned that Butter wasn’t wearing any tags. It must have fallen off they said.

I felt a sudden need to get out of there. I told them that we needed to be on our way. My husband caught my nonverbal cues, thank God. We opened the truck door and Butter jumped in.

As soon as we pulled away, she began to relax. Nestled between us, it took 2 blocks before she crawled into my husband’s lap. That’s were she stayed until we arrived home.

That’s where she met Buster. Having learned a valuable lesson in the last meet and greet, we drove the truck through our yard and parked away from the house. Then, I took Butter on what was her very first walk. Ever. We waited patiently as my husband went and got Buster.

He spent 10 minutes inside, playing with Bus and giving him affection. Then, he hooked up Bus and began walking. We met in the middle, walking past one another several times.

Finally, we stopped and let Buster approach her. Sniffs and licking began. She stood there and took it all in. The difference in size between them is staggering!

We walked for quite a while. At least with her, my Parkinson’s hands can handle her little leash pills. When fatigue set in for us, we journeyed into the house.

Chaos rained. Buster was relentless. Panting and incessantly licking her, his behavior was maddening! She wouldn’t drink or eat. She was listless. All I could do was to pray. My son and husband exhausted themselves, too, trying everything to make it work.

Finally, all credit to God, she ate and drank. The only problem was that once she tasted quality food, she became ravenous. After emptying her dish, she went to Buster’s. Before we could say no, she finished it off.

Between the two of them, they drank 6 bowls of water. She pottied outside with Buster. He was gentle with her, but kept licking her. A Google search told me that this was normal. We all began to relax.

That was when the phone calls and texts began.

To be continued……

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