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A Dog Named Butter Part 2

The morning after I heard about Butter, we still haven’t heard anything from the people in charge of her. We almost figured that they had either found someone else or we had done something. You know, the usual thoughts that run through your mind. Then about 1, I was given a call by the lady who I won’t name who had control of her well-being. Online with her, in a conference call, was her cousin. This Woman’s sister was the one who had died.

After some back-and-forth and explaining our situation plus everything else they agreed to meet with us. In fact, they were pretty confident things were going to go well.

We all agreed to meet at the house where the deceased lady had lived and I didn’t know until that minute that Butter was still there! In fact ,the woman hadn’t died 3 days prior as we had originally been told, but, three weeks prior!

During that time Butter was all alone in her house. When I asked them who was caring for her, the answer was no on. So the original story had changed from its 3 Days by herself to three weeks alone in a house in the city with no lights, next door dogs belonging to another family and a situation where there was no access to food and water for her.

Then, I was told that their oldest sister was on her way there from Cleveland and if Butter was not placed in the family by the time she got there then the next morning she was personally going to take Butter to a shelter.

I am immediately called my husband. If it’s one thing I just absolutely cannot stand, no offense to any shelter workers, but I cannot stand the thought of any dog being in a shelter for any point-wether it be an hour, a year, a month whatever. I just can’t handle. It it breaks my heart so I called my husband.

We used GPS for the directions to the house and headed there When we arrived, we could see little Butter through the window. She was laying on top of a couch. We took a look around the house and noticed that there were no air conditioning units and only two open windows which were at the top of the house. No airflow, no ventilation. While we waited for our contact to arrive, we tried to get Butter’s attention through the window which we did. We waved at her while checking out her surroundings.

When our contact finally arrived she wasn’t alone; in fact, she brought three family members with her. One was intoxicated. After some chaotic moments of us trying to get in and of course her trying to get out, the intoxicated individual remembered that he changed the locks and then he had to remember where he put the keys. These were some very tense moments.

Later, we gained entry to the home. Butter immediately ran out the open door and peed on the porch. This was an initial good sign that she was perhaps housebroken; however, but our contact quickly confessed that while, yes, she said she was housebroken, she wasn’t exactly housebroken.

We spent a few minutes talking to them and one of the sisters produced a large professional-looking packet that she said was all of Butters Vital Information for licensing & rabies vaccine information along with anything else that had been done. They said they had just had her at the vet 3 months prior and everything was fine and dandy.

We were surprised to learn that her vet was the same vet Buster uses. Now so far so good right? Wrong. I asked about food and scheduling. They produced three bags of different brand and size dog foods as well as some Rawhide treats. Any self-respecting dog owner knows that Rawhide is bad for dogs digestive systems. Heck it was even on Judge Judy! For a dog her size, which by the way we had been told she was somewhere between 19 and 25 lb but is only 12, they were giving her pig ears and Rawhide chews made for a dog more like Buster’s size than hers! He’s four times bigger than she is.

I said okay well what about toys, bedding, excetera? They had purchased her to toys the day before and a dog bed the day before. Up until then, she was sleeping on a hardwood floor with no blankets, no pillow, no dog bed, and the toys had brand new tags on them. She had never had any of her own things. She had no clue what to do with them and the squeaking of the toys just seemed too much for her.

She didn’t know to put them in her mouth. She didn’t know what to do. She just kind of stared at them. The one thing she did know what to do with was my husband! While I was talking to the lady folk, Little Miss Butter had curled up at the feet of my husband and was letting him pet her. At this point I was getting frustrated with the fact that nobody seemed to know what was going on.

One person told me that the sister had been dead for eight years, one said 3 days and one said 3 weeks. Finally I got the truth and that it had been 3 weeks. I said fine you know what, it really doesn’t matter and then they drop the bombshell it had been three whole days before anybody realized the woman that passed away!

So Butter was in the house with her corpse for 3 days. No food, no water ,no potty. My husband and I were completely dumbfounded. I said what time did she eat today? They all admitted simultaneously that no one had been by that day. It had been at least 24 hours possibly 36 since she had a bowl of either food or water and then bombshell number two when they told me that the last thing she had to eat was a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

I knew then that Butter needed an immediate, new home.
To be continued…..

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