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A Dog Named Butter

My husband and I love animals. It’s no secret and those who know us well know how much we do. So it was no surprise that a lady we know sent my husband a text with a picture of a little dog. Details were sketchy. All we really knew was her name was Butter and she needed a home.

Naturally when my husband got home that night he showed me the text. He told me what he knew and suggested that I call the lady who had sent it to him. I also know her well and was completely comfortable doing that.

Unfortunately she didn’t know much more than what she detailed in the text. She gave me the information she had in the form of a cell phone number and a first name only of the lady who currently had Butter.

She was able to add that Butter was a mixed breed dog, a little on the small side at 25 lb, and apparently her temperament was mellow. So after dinner I called and I left a voicemail as well as a text.

Prior to me calling, my husband and I agreed that there would have to be a neutral location meet and greet between Butter and Buster. Buster has been with us for 3 years and he would have to approve of Butter and get along with her.

We learned our lesson in the past when we attempted to adopt a dog named Abraham. Being novices having a dog do a meet-and-greet, we didn’t pick a neutral enough location and the dogs didn’t hit it off. In fact within 5 minutes for the safety of both animals, we ended the visit and Abraham went back with his foster family. Thankfully they ended up adopting him. I was left with a broken heart and promised myself I would be much more careful in the future.

Back to Butter. When her foster family finally called me back, they didn’t exactly ask the usual questions of a potential adopter. I had left her a voicemail saying who I was and our situation. The lady, who I won’t name, asked me who are vet was and where we live.

Now to be fair, after she asked us where we live, I offered up a lot of information such as Buster, his age, our son’s age, and such. She seemed very pleased in the fact that we had a yard and she was pleased with Buster’s size and was willing to seriously discuss it.

She offered up the facts that Butter was also three years old, 25 lb, a mixed breed of unknown Origins, and that her owner had been a lady late in age who was completely deaf. She also added Butter was loving, mellow, and was used to being a lap dog.

Her comment to me was that we sounded perfect. It was also mentioned that they were not able to keep her due to the number of dogs they already owned and that she was being fostered at a second location who also couldn’t keep her due to their number of dogs. I had a sense that it was an urgent placement because the idea of taking her to a shelter if she wasn’t adopted was discussed. I don’t want to see any dog go to the shelter! I want to help her.

So the lady on the phone said if it was up to her she be bringing her to us right away and that she couldn’t find one reason to say no. She then said she would call the second Foster location, discuss it, and call me right back.

Meanwhile, my husband discussed possible neutral locations for the meeting greet, an additional dog bed, and possible good or bad scenarios regarding Buster. But we are open and willing to help a dog in need.

However, and this is my biggest pet peeve, I never received a return phone call. Having talked to our friend, she was dumbfounded. Butter’s picture and info had been circulated to a number of people all who had turned down the possibility of adopting her let alone any interest whatsoever. It has been expressed to her also, that this was an urgent adoption otherwise she was going to be in the shelter. We were even more perplexed as to why they didn’t call us back.

All sorts of scenarios ran through my head. Was there something about the dog we don’t know? Did we make a bad impression over the phone? What did we do? The phone conversation had lasted a good 20 minutes. One would think that if they didn’t think we were a good match she wouldn’t have told us we were perfect for butter.

The next morning my husband was so frustrated he said forget it. He was upset with the level of inconsistencies between the foster homes. I told him people don’t act right but we can’t hold it against the dog. I told him we’d give it one more day.

To be continued…..

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