Posted in Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Life Hack #2

This is more of a life hack for anybody with any chronic illness. Do more when you can. On the days I’m feeling upbeat, energetic, and generally well- I try to do much more to compensate for the days when I really can’t do anything at all.

That includes cooking extra meals to be frozen and used at a later date. Extra cleaning no matter what that may be. Extra writing, and any other general extra tasks.

This may sound really simplistic and like General common sense. However, when you have a chronic illness we can be tempted to slack on our feeling good days. When you’re feeling good sometimes all you want to do is enjoy it.

Well some days that may be okay, when you have a family you just can’t. So on days like that I promised myself I will do everything I can and that way when there are days I can’t do anything I don’t feel quite as bad about myself. It’s kind of like a self-esteem booster.

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