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Book Spotlight: Penguins and Mortal Peril: Ruby Loren

SYNOPSIS When the penguin keeper is found dead at the bottom of the penguin pool, zookeeper Madigan Amos is determined to find out what happened to him… even if it means apprehending armed intruders, getting caught in the middle of a terrorist attack, and sparring with a machete wielding murderer.

The police struggle to conclude whether or not the death was accidental, but it’s not the only recent, unexplained happening at Avery Zoo. Since the tragic, avoidable death of a serval, animal rights activists have plagued the zoo. Activists with a reputation for extremism. Do they have something to do with the penguin keeper’s demise?

Madi also has her suspicions about two new zoo employees, but what exactly do they have to do with the goings on? Are they activist spies, or do they have their own scores to settle?

By the time Madi figures out things are not as they seem, she’s already in too deep. Someone has a hidden agenda, and they’re willing to kill to keep it a secret.

*No cliffhangers, this novel can be read as a standalone.*

Please note, this book is written in British English and contains British spellings.

It’s not often you find murder mysteries taking place in zoos. The choice of locale was a definite plus in this book. Our author obviously did her research when it comes to the animals, the zookeepers, and the location.
Her main character is someone who would never be thought of as heroic or even tough. That’s what makes her so endearing.
I would have preferred a few more clues before all the information was revealed. It became pretty obvious what exactly was going on and it was fun to watch it unfold however I would have liked a chance to solve it myself.
It’s very readable and I will be continuing on with the series. But for this initial outing I give it a 3-star rating.
* the synopsis belongs solely to the author and publisher.

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