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This Week

It has been one whale of a week. It just seems like nothing has gone right since last week. At the end of the week, actually on Thursday, I went to pick up our son from a youth group event. After exiting the parking lot, I had a collision with a deer which resulted in me hitting a concrete barrier that’s separated the road.
As a result, there is significant damage to the driver’s side of our truck. Thank God for Progressive Insurance. They have literally been a godsend. I thought when Monday began that all would be well. However I was sorely mistaken.
Labor Day came and went without anything really eventful. Tuesday we were set to start our new school year. Our youngest son is now a sophomore.
It was hard enough to watch our baby start high school and now we’re dealing with things like driver’s education and Keystone State Testing. Not to mention preparations for the SATs and the ACT s.
However Tuesday when we logged onto the computer we found that nothing was working. Websites weren’t working, computer started updating randomly, the internet was fluctuating- it was just a bad day.
I had high hopes for the rest of the week. But, Wednesday was just bad.
Because of the deer incident, my husband is hesitant to let me drive. Unfortunately, because we only have one vehicle, he is now doing all the driving. I hate having to depend on him to take me everywhere.
Monday morning the truck will go in for repairs. I am so thankful that we accepted rental car insurance!
Thursday is shaping up to be better so far.
Computers are working and he is excelling. I just pray these little kinks work themselves out.

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