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Book Spotlight: The American Canidate: M.J. Lee

Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery #3
SYNOPSIS: In her most dangerous case yet, Jayne Sinclair investigates the family background of a potential candidate to be President of the United States of America.

When the politician who commissioned the genealogical research is shot dead in front of her, Jayne is forced to flee for her life. Why was he killed? And who is trying to stop the American Candidate’s family past from being revealed?

Jayne Sinclair is caught in a deadly race against time to discover the truth, armed only with her own wits and ability to research secrets hidden in the past.

The American Candidate is the third gripping mystery in the Jayne Sinclair series, but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

MY THOUGHTS: I’ve become quite a fan of this series. I sincerely hope it continues for a long time. So far, as Book 3, it is the best installment. I’m liking Jayne as a single woman- her husband never seemed right for her. Her character has grown more confident and better at her job. I also enjoyed that her father took a larger role in this book. He is a strong supporting character and he adds a lot to the novels. Having him front and center added an entirely new dynamic.
From a historical perspective, M.J. Lee has again done an immense amount of legwork. His research in order to produce such high quality, historical fiction is evident & admirable. As this one’s back story is in World War 2, there are some sensitive issues touched upon, but Mr. Lee does a great job of balancing the violence so that it isn’t gratuitous and it is, at times, a necessary component.

I will continue reading the series as long as it’s available and this one is a definite 5 star novel.

*Synopsis belongs solely to the author/publisher

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