Posted in Parkinson's Disease

Another One of Those Days….

I should’ve known when I tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep last night, that it was going to be a rough day. Monday stunk, too. Nothing went right. These are the types of weeks that cause folks with chronic illnesses to fall into depression. I can see how it easily happens.

I’m grateful that there is a super quick, zero fuss dinner in the freezer ready to go. With the amount of discomfort I’m in, I don’t see how I’d have concentrated on meal prep. It’s been raining on & off for several days. Today’s radar shows possibly heavy storms with or without hail. Yippee. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, you know what that means for you.

On Friday, I’d tried ordering a delivery from Giant Eagle. I’d never done that before. They have a Curbside pick up that’s awesome, but, being so rural, I doubted that they’d come here. Regardless, I placed the order & was stunned that a wonderful young lady delivered it. At least that was a bright spot today. Well, that and the fact that the dog has been an angel so far.

My youngest son is here with me and always willing to help, but, I have zero motivation to even try. He has an event tonight for local youth &, as I watch the clock click away, I know I’ll have to drive within a few hours. So, I’m cutting myself some slack, trying not to look around at the housework that needs done. I’ll do my best & that will have to be good enough for today. Holding out hope that tomorrow will be better, I’ll have to put off that which isn’t necessary.

At least everyone has clean clothes & there will be dinner.

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