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PA’s 38th Annual Reunion of the National Steam, Gas, & Horse Association, Inc

Saturday, August 11th, my family & I attended the 38th Annual Reunion of the National Steam, Gas, & Horse Association, Inc. More commonly known as the Steam Show. They do two events per year- one in May & one in August. Even though I’m a lifelong Pennsylvania resident, I have never been to it.
We had discussed going a few times prior being that we know a lady who has a booth there. We’ve been making a conscious effort to have family time minus the technology. I try hard not to let my Parkinson’s get in the way, but many times, it does. This time I was determined.
Everything at the show began at 10 AM so I had some time to get myself ready. I simply asked the Lord to not let me hinder the family fun and to give me the strength to do all that walking. So, the show is in Brownsville, PA. We had an easy time finding it. There is an entire stretch of rural land dedicated to the show.
I was surprised that there were so many people. Thankfully, the show’s organizers roped off a large, handicapped parking area. In fact, we ended up 3 feet from the gate. There’s something nostalgic & pure about festival smells. As we walked in, we were greeted by barns full of antique tractors. But, to the left of us, there was an old-fashioned concession stand where all those beautiful smells lived.
Up a small hill, there were rows & rows of classic cars. Finally, we found common ground between my husband & son. They had a blast looking in and around these beautiful vehicles. One was a fully restored army jeep, owned by veterans. Another was fully restored with some modern touches like skull interior. Our son’s favorite was the VW van in its original condition.

Further up, we got to walk into a train also in its original condition. We were amazed that such small quarters housed the train’s crew. It was in remarkably good shape for its age! Another left turn led us into a large, warehouse that was home to a generator for the early 1900s. It filled the whole room! There were obviously a host of warning signs, but we were all old enough to know not to touch.

It was truly a feat of American ingenuity.
Turning right, we encountered a stand offering ¼ lb. buffalo burgers. None of us were hungry or maybe just not in the mood for buffalo? Past the Tater Shack, Old-fashioned Lemonade, and ice cream, we encountered some classic trucks. One was painted to look like Mater. So cute! More booths began to appear as we entered ‘Craft Alley’. Several vendors had old-fashioned toys. There was a wind-up horse jumping a gate and a wind-up, barking puppy.
Plenty of vendors were selling fall wares- wreaths, candles, and such. A lot of them had tie dyed shirts. Our friend sells jewelry- hand-crafted- and candles. We found her close to the exit. At this point, we were all soaked in sweat from the almost 90-degree, sunny weather. I warned her before I hugged her, but she didn’t mind. As we wrapped up our visit with her, we decided we’d seen everything. Right at the exit was a giant saw operated entirely by steam. We had tot stop there for a few minutes to watch. The saw was as long as an 18-wheeler! Amazing innovation.
Once we arrived at our truck, I saw that we’d spent 3 hours there. That’s quite a feat for me. Truth be told, I had to stop twice and sit. My legs had enough. But, I sent the boys to look at this or that, so no one missed out. Thank God! Three hours to me is like 10 to a normal person. But, I survived.
I am so glad we got to spend this family time together and everyone had a good time. Dinner at Cracker Barrel rounded out the day. I am grateful for the memories we made together.

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