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Giveaways 7/30

Back to School Giveway #giveaway #win

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#Sponsored Get Ready For ‘Back-to-School’ With Dr. Plotka!

It seems like yesterday that we were all planning Summer activities and breaking out the tank tops. Now, everywhere you go there are reminders that school starts- soon! My sister, a teacher in Alabama, goes back early in August and we’re set to begin here at home within 4 weeks! I’ve even seen a display of *gasp* Halloween candy! Anyone raising children knows how quickly 3 short, summer months go by.

We also know that the best way to get back into school is routine, routine, routine. I’m sure you have your own checklist of things to buy, borrow, or find. We certainly do! But, considering that dentists recommend getting a new brush every 3 months, the start of school is the perfect time to do it. (If you’re past that 3 month mark, don’t be too hard yourself. We all forget!)

But, don’t just buy any toothbrush. Make a conscious choice, this school year, to earn those better dental check-ups. My family has been using Dr. Plotka’s brushes for quite some time now. I can say, for fact, that they have made a difference. I won’t ever endorse a product that I haven’t used AND believe in. This product, this company, makes a difference. Need some convincing?
Explore the features of this bathroom essential:
NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL* BRISTLES For Better Health – Infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grows on the bristles within 6 hours!

FLOSSING BRISTLES™ – Dual-layered bristle structure provides superior cleaning: the inner bristles, thin as a human hair, gently brush away food and plaque in places other brushes miss while the outer thicker bristles ensure complete cleaning of gum and teeth.

SOFT LONG LASTING POLYESTER BRISTLES – Get up to one extra month worth of use thanks to the polyester better bending properties than nylon, used in most brushes on the market! (The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months. The Doctor Plotka’s brush will last about 4!)

Dentist Developed – Dr. Ronald Plotka designed this innovative toothbrush as part of his thriving 40+ year Boston-based dental practice.

That’s impressive, right? It’s not just ‘lip’ service either. My 15-year-old son’s last SIX dental visits have been cavity-free. Zero. Some of the most beautiful words ever spoken are: ‘You have no cavities!’ It makes me proud that I am doing something good as a caregiver. In today’s world, we need all the positive reinforcement that we can get!

Before switching brushes, he had cavities. There were at least one a year to a year and a half. He goes every 6 months as suggested, so that means 6 visits- 3 years- of no cavities. It’s better for his mouth, health, and our finances! Dr. Plotka’s brushes simply clean better than ordinary brushes. They’re worth every penny.

My husband & I have both been using them too. He’s had no more tooth pain and gum issues. My gum issues are a thing of the past. Try them. What have you got to lose? You have a lot to gain. Get ready to have the best school year ever featuring a winning smile!

I received the aforementioned product in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine. 

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#Sponsored Book Spotlight: A Champion Game Plan for Life”: Preston Brown


Preston Brown was drafted by the New England Patriots, after playing four years of football at Vanderbilt University. He went on to play for the New York Jets, as well as the Cleveland Browns. To many, it might have seemed that Brown was destined for a charmed life.

However, Brown has seen his fair share of hardships. He has endured the death of a spouse, after 30 years of marriage, as well as fought and survived cancer, at 40-years-old.

In “A Champion Game Plan for Life,” Brown shares a daily devotional and plan for success, while navigating the vicissitudes of life.

“When I played football, we had a game plan,” Brown said. “Having a plan would give our team the best chance to win the game. When you plan for success, you are better equipped to handle whatever situations arise.”

Brown has also been a praise and worship leader for more than 30 years and has preached over 170 sermons. His book contains a lot of scripture and each daily devotional has a focus subject, like overcoming fear, seizing opportunities or prioritizing goals.

“So many of our youth today are on the cusp of greatness or failure,” Brown said. “It’s almost as if they are one circumstance away from having the abundant life that God wants us to have. Giving them a plan helps act as a path to greatness, as well as a bridge over troubled waters.”
MY THOUGHTS: I love that Mr. Brown has taken all the life lessons learned in football and used them to create a realistic, Godly plan for the believer’s life. Any devotional needs to be brief, relatable, and powerful. Mr. Brown has given readers exactly that. Each devotional in his book is thought-provoking and Biblically sound.

As the parent of a teen, I know it can be difficult to find a devotional that isn’t same-old same-old. I can only speak for having raised sons, so, that said, it seems that there are a plethora of titles for girls in devotionals but few for boys. After reading Mr. Brown’s, I can honestly say that this is a great devotional for sons or sons & their fathers. Girls who enjoy sports or are looking for a new kind of book to further their walk will also benefit.

As a believer, I can say that I definitely felt uplifted going through the readings. He chose some amazing Scriptures as the basis for his thoughts. It’s a fabulous book and I highly recommend it with 5 stars.
“A Champion Game Plan for Life”
By Preston Brown
ISBN: 978-1-5462-3091-5
Available at authorHOUSE and Amazon

About the author
Preston Brown graduated from George Peabody College at Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s in Social Studies with emphasis in History. He has had further studies in Finance and Education from Alabama A and M University and Pat Ryan School of Finance in Chicago, Ill. Brown played football at Vanderbilt University for four years and was drafted by the New England Patriots of the National Football League. Brown played for the Patriots for three years and then played with the New York Jets for two years. He finished his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns in 1984. He is now the finance manager for Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville Alabama where he has been employed for 25 years. He is married to Terry, his wife of four years. He has two adult daughters and five grandchildren. To learn more about the author and his book, visit:

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#Sponsored Book Spotlight: Joe’s Alamo: Unsung: Lewis E. Cook

SYNOPSIS: At the Battle of the Alamo, less than two hundred volunteers battled five thousand trained soldiers for thirteen days, during the Texas Revolution. Lieutenant Colonel William Travis’ slave, Joe, was the only male survivor.

In “Joe’s Alamo: Unsung,” Lewis E. Cook tells Joe’s story in this novel, based on historic facts.

“According to Joe, all races and religions were represented at the Battle of the Alamo,” Cook said. “Yet, their contributions were intentionally dismissed. According to my research, the famous battle cry, ‘Remember the Alamo,’ was probably first said by a woman.”

An attorney and former Texas history teacher, Cook highlights the lesser known heroes of the battle, including women, Muslims, Buddhists, Blacks and other minorities owed recognition for their contributions and sacrifice to the state of Texas and the rest of the country.

“This battle was meant to be symbolic of hopelessness and certain death for anyone who opposed General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s reign of terror,” Cook said. “Instead, it became a slogan for worldwide courage in battle against overwhelming odds.”

“Joe’s Alamo”
By Lewis E. Cook
ISBN: 978-1-5320-2070-4
Available at iUniverse and Amazon

About the author
Lewis Cook practiced civil litigation, probate and criminal law. He worked as an immigration attorney for a former U.S. Immigration Commissioner, as a banking and finance attorney in Dallas and was a Texas assistant attorney general. Always a writer at heart, he was raised in Arkansas and now lives in Houston. To learn more about the author and his book please visit:

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Giveaways 7/26

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