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House Hunting Nightmares Pt. 1

Recently, my husband & I started batting around the idea of house hunting. Our home is old, has seen 3 sons raised, a dog, and more repairs than I can count. It’s almost become like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. My husband has always said it wasn’t going to last forever and we had to think about what we’ll do further down the road.

Our youngest is adamantly opposed to moving. I believe he just hates change. Buster will adapt anywhere the family is and proved that when my mom Buster-sat him at her home. As for me, I’ve always praised God for a home that’s paid for that no one can take from us. We love our land, which is the only part of any value. The residence itself isn’t worth much.
So, we began nonchalantly looking at websites and posted signs. Currently, we reside in the middle of several, medium-sized locations. Our son is homeschooled so that is never an issue. My husband’s work commute would be. It takes him roughly 7 minutes to reach his main job site. Other contracting work he does is always within a close proximity to our home. So, we were on Zillow and noticed a cute, little house in a nearby town. In fact, it was the same city his parents owned their last home in.
Nice neighborhood. Half rural, half suburban, but this house was (supposedly) in the rural area. Satellite pics showed land, a creek nearby, and a less-than-busy road. For me, the best part was the yard. A 6-foot tall, privacy fence where Buster could be off-leash and be safe. A gate let you into the property. We had no idea about where the money would come from, but, I firmly believe that if it is what God wants for our family, He’ll pave the way.
Initially, we had called & made an appointment with the real estate company representing the owners. Then, we decided that the daughter-in-law of my husband’s deceased business partner was a better rep for us. She agreed to meet us there.
Now, I love Zillow and apps like it. They are a huge help. But, what they cannot tell you is that pics, though worth a thousand words, can themselves lie. Angles are deceptive, areas are left not photographed, etc. Maybe it’s no one’s fault; maybe it’s intentional. Who knows? After taking our son to youth group, we headed out to meet our friend at the house.
Now starts the ‘drama’. The way there consisted of a number of roads that appear war-torn due to the excessive gas well traffic plaguing our state. These roads were never meant for huge, tanker trucks and it shows. Potholes galore. Second, the ride was much farther than we thought and, though Google maps said 20 minutes, it was more like 40. Next, when we arrived, there were 2 SUVs there. They looked less than pleased to see us. The SUV doors opened when we parked. A 30-something man and a 50-something woman stepped out and basically asked us to ‘State our business’. My husband, shy person that he is (not), said that we were there to meet the real estate agent.
Apparently, these two were mother & son and owned the house. By the way the acted, they didn’t want to sell. She threw up her hands and got back in her vehicle, leaving. Her son expressed his frustration at the number of people viewing the house than left.
We were perplexed to say the least. Thankfully our friend arrived. We walked the property. The first glaring red flag was that the ground was fully saturated. Saturated like my-shoe-is-stuck-in-the-mud. The people’s agent had neglected to inform us that the home was situated on a flood plane. Regularly, as in with each rain, the creek nearby flooded. As a result, while viewing the foundation, it was obvious that the house was sinking into the mud.
Once she’d opened up the house via lock box, we realized how bad the ‘sinking’ was. In fact, what had appeared to be an adorable front porch was now a ramp that inclined.
Inside, the kitchen that had been pictured as having ‘new’ wood work was actually wood paneling that was in need of a fix-up. The ‘spacious’ basement depicted in the ad was half dirt floor, half cement. The ‘walk-in’ closets were big enough for half my son’s clothes and had no doors, just a shower curtain covering the opening. I am not a picky person. I just felt lied to. Staright up.
There’s no reason for us to go into debt with a mortgage for a sinking house with more problems than my current abode. To seal the deal for us mentally, the neighbors we would have included the two, lovely people we’d met (they were sharing a house now-why?) and the rest of the family (2 other sons). Not to mention, the country living they’d mentioned on Zillow was actually a State Route that was heavily traveled.
We profusely apologized for making our friend travel all the way out there for nothing. She was gracious, but we felt awful.
After the whole ordeal, the only thing we could thing to say to each other, simultaneously once back in the truck, was, ‘OMG!’
On to the next adventure…………………

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