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Book Spotlight: 3 Awesome New Hockey Books From Sport’s Ilustrated Kids

SYNOPSIS: “Hockey: Then to WOW! shows readers how the cool sport has evolved from the early days of its 19th century origins to the game as it is today. Using NHL action photographs, illustrations, stories, and trivia, the book is a journey through time both for hockey fans and those new to the game. Kids will learn how basic equipment has changed from a ball to a puck and how the evolution of game strategy has transformed the sport, players, and equipment. Players throughout history are stacked up against each other in every position so fans can dream up the perfect fantasy team with Wayne Gretzky playing alongside Patrick Roy and Stan Mikita. A fun-filled section of the book explores everything fan culture—from the best ice rinks, to the iconic hockey sweater and the hockey haircut along with key aspects of the toughest sport around.”
SYNOPSIS:”The puck drops, skates flash, and sticks fly-a hockey game is underway! With a fun mix of Sports Illustrated action photography, simple text, a full glossary of terms, and cool graphics, My First Book of Hockey introduces readers to the basics. Kids (and maybe a few adults, too!) will learn how power plays work, how the three-period game flows, what a hat trick is, what’s up with the referee’s crease, and more.
An illustrated “rookie” character appears on every page, guiding the reader moment by moment, and helping to make My First Book of Hockey an ideal shared reading experience between parents and their young rookies before, during, and after the game.”
“There is no greater authority on all things sports than Sports Illustrated magazine. Now, they turn their expert eye to the action on the ice in the fourth book in the bestselling “Greatest” Series with Hockey’s Greatest, which takes you onto the ice and into history like no other book about hockey ever has.

Who is the greatest goalie of all-time, Patrick Roy or Dominik Hasek? Where does Martin Brodeur land in the rankings? Would fans select Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux as the better center? Sports Illustrated has polled its hockey experts to determine the top 10 in more than 15 categories, including best rivalry, best single-season team, and best game in history.

SI’s stunning photography and classic stories from the Sports Illustrated archives accompany every ranking, making this the most authoritative survey of the sport of hockey available, and the perfect gift for anyone who revels in the fast-paced, oftentimes bloody action on the ice.”

MY THOUGHTS: Being that we live so close to Pittsburgh, we hear about hockey year round. I’ll be honest, though, we aren’t a sports-oriented family so I don’t know a lot about the game. But, the ‘Rookie’ volume does a tremendous job of describing and defining all aspects of hockey. Younger readers and novices (like me!) will be able to easily understand the rules and the basics of hockey. If you have a child who is thinking of trying out for a team, this would be the perfect read for them. I’m also a fan of the rookie character who walks them through the book.

As for the two other titles, I’d describe them as being a reference material. Sport’s Illustrated is a household name and go-to for all things sports. ‘Hockey: Then to WOW!’ doubles as a sports/history book. If you happen to have a reluctant reader in your house who also happens to be a sports fan, this book is a perfect choice. Geared for ages 8+, readers time travel from the early days of the sport to the present. The photography is phenomenal as are the illusrations. Much has changed over the years and fans will enjoy every minute.

‘Hockey’s Greatest’ is an amazing compilation. When I first saw it, my reaction was, ‘Wow!’ Each of the 15 categories covered jumps off the pages with its stunning photography. Consider it the ultimate guide to sports Trivial Pursuit. Anything you would want to know about hockey is covered. I can’t imagine that there is a better reference material available for hockey- anywhere. It truly is a magnificent piece. Even if you’re not the most avid fan, the pictures alone make the book worth it’s price.

When it comes to sports, go with the experts- Sport’s Illustrated. These three new titles from their Sport’s Illustrated Kids series are perfectly put together and will consume readers for hours on end. 5 stars for SI !

*I received the aforementioned titles in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
**The synopsis/pics belong solely to the author(s)/publisher.

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