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Book Spotlight: 3 Great Children’s Titles from David A. Adler

SYNOPSIS:“Where is Michael’s homework? Michael’s sock, book and homework are missing. Can Danny and My Dog solve the mystery? My Dog gets lost a lot and is always looking for food. But Danny knows My Dog is really a great detective. This classic story from renowned children’s author David Adler will delight young readers.”
SYNOPSIS:“Aaron’s bike is missing, but the lock wasn’t broken. Danny and My Dog follow a trail of popcorn and a path of baby powder as they search the neighborhood. My Dog eats the clues while Danny wonders why his friends are acting strange. Can My Dog find the bicycle? Danny has 100 percent confidence he will.”

SYNOPSIS:Eli Zipperbaum, better known as Jelly Eli Z., is a great kid, but he doesn’t always pay attention in class. He would rather daydream and eat his jelly beans while Mr. Moscowitz discusses how many children George Washington had. But then something strange happens that does grab Jelly Eli’s full attention. It starts with his teacher staring at him, during class. Then the principal peeks through the window and stares at him, too. Is Jelly Eli in some kind of trouble? But why?


I am thrilled to bring you these three titles. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Mr. Adler’s ‘Cam Jensen’ series. Each one of these books provides a wholesome reading experience.

In the ‘My Dog’ series, we have a boy (hero) who is an independent thinker. Even though there are moments when his friends tell him to stop looking into the mysteries, he perseveres. In one scene, they even tell him how his dog isn’t smart and Danny stands strong, defending his pup. Children need main characters that stand tall, do the right thing, and press on when things get difficult. They find that in Danny.

Both the mysteries are logical and it’s plausible that 2nd/3rd grade readers will be able to at least come up with a close guess. They’ll have the satisfaction of completing the plot of the mystery beforehand if they’re able. I’m a fan of mysteries for kids because it requires them to become a part of the story, figuring things out and working their brains a bit. Both of these titles are well-crafted mysteries and I give them 4 stars along with a recommendation.

‘Teacher Trouble For Jelly Eli Z.’ isn’t so much a mystery as it is a realistic telling of a teacher-student interaction. The issue Eli faces is relatable and probably has occurred in most children’s lives. The issue in the story is not nearly as important as how Eli handles it. Instead of fighting and arguing with his teacher, Eli gains an understanding of putting himself in someone else’s shoes and trying to make a change within himself in order to help another person. It’s a fantastic life lesson. This was my favorite of the three. Four stars for Jelly Eli Z., too.

Mr. Adler continues to write kid’s books that are fun, thought-provoking and entertaining. I hope these will be as popular for him as the Cam Jensen books have been. Find his works through his publisher or your local book retailer.

All three are available via Amazon or through
*I received the aforementioned titles in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
**Pics/synopsis belong solely to the author/publisher.

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