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Giveaways 2/28: See Ya February!

#Win Experia® ProLite Running Socks by Thorlo | ProductHype 3/12

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Giveaways 2/27

YouTuber Max Hertan is giving away an Iphone X and DJI Spark Drone to celebrate 5k subs! 10/4 1x

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Giveaways 2/26

Bell Robertson is giving away a $50 Visa gift card and $190 worth of their high quality, durable leather goods. Enter to win here: 3/17 1x

ICOSA Brewhouse created one of Kickstarter’s top coffee brewers of all time! To celebrate the #ArcticColdBrew Recipe e-book launch, everyone that enters will receive the book for free and a chance to win 1 of 36 prizes, including the… #coffeekarma 3/8
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Winds of Change Part 2

Since his back injury didn’t seem to be lessening, we found an open MRI and went. I have been preaching to him about taking one day at a time. This was the biggest step we’d taken so far. He should’ve had an MRI years ago, but, due to a number of things including stubbornness, he didn’t.

The imaging center was nice and it took under 15 minutes for him to be done. I hadn’t really decided on why it was I went along. He’s a big boy and didn’t need me for anything, really. But, I went and kept him company for the 40 minute ride. While he was in the back, a harried looking mom came in with 2 small children. One of them, the son, couldn’t seem to take even a shallow breath. His coughing was deafening.

I looked up at one point from my Kindle. Now to preface, I am a total germaphobe. I don’t touch door handles or use any public bathrooms. However, when I looked up, it wasn’t in condemnation. I smiled at her. She profusely apologized and stated that she’d keep him on the other side of the room. Trying to lessen her guilt, I told her not to worry and it was okay.

She then explained that William was asthmatic and the pediatrician several floors down sent him directly to XRay after hearing the cough. Poor William couldn’t sleep for the past 4 days. It looked like Mom hadn’t either. Again, I told her it was okay. No worries. She then expressed her fear of pneumonia. I told her our oldest also had many bout of it, but it didn’t sound like pneumonia to me. She seemed to exhale at that point as if she’d held her breath until someone told her to stop.

As a mom, I wanted to calm her fears. She seemed devoted to her kids as if they were the only two people in the world. William was quickly called back. A short time later they emerged and she smiled and said ‘thank you’. I told her I’d pray for her and she looked relived. She said that was sweet and out the door they went. I’ll likely never see them again. I pray for William still.

Back to the husband, after leaving the MRI facility, we’d assumed that the results would indeed be ready in 24 hours as promised. The next day, the doctor said they hadn’t received them. The center assured us that they’d faxed them. Back and forth it went, finally, the center relented and resent them. Two days later the doctor called.

She was noticeably irritated that he’d gone to a center recommended by his insurance instead of the one she was associated with. Too bad, I thought. Regardless, we picked one he was comfortable with instead of the one she was comfortable with. She told him the news was not good.

She began hurling around ‘doctor speak’, basically scaring him. What few things we caught were: arthritis, ruptured discs, fluid build-up, and one disc disintegrated. Other than that, we got confused. I called again the next day, however; the couldn’t seem to find the results again (sigh) and she was at the hospital.

Regardless, the lady from the spine center called, having remembered that he was having his MRI that week. What a sweetheart! She offered to help point him in the right direction as all his doctor said was ‘Call a neurosurgeon.’ So, we will be listening to Natasha, from the spine place, and are ready for step 3, per se.

Currently, he is feeling a great deal better, even walking straight. God is on the Throne and we’re following His lead.

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Fine Arts Competition 2018

Saturday morning was one busy day! The annual PenDel Fine Arts competition Sectionals were held in Bethel Park, PA. It is an event held for 6th-12th graders, representing an Assembly of God Church.

For the last two years, our youngest son has competed in the Short Sermon category. Last year, he scored high enough to go on to the District Level Competition. He has wanted to be a Pastor for as long as I can remember. It’s been a blessing for him to be able to stretch his spiritual wings and write his own, original sermon.
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