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Book Spotlight: Death At The Diogenes Club: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

SYNOPSIS: Book #6 in the Sherlock Holmes/Lucy James Mysteries; “Lucy James and Sherlock Holmes must solve a mysterious locked-room murder at London’s exclusive Diogenes Club. But Lucy is still coping with the traumatic after-effects of their last case, and her romantic relationship with a handsome young police detective is growing more complex. Emotions intensify and the dangers become life-threatening as they find themselves drawn into lethal conflict with the most ruthless gang leader in London.”

MY THOUGHTS: I l-o-v-e the series! All six books have been amazing. The best attribute, for all 6, is that they are clean-no sex or violence-with fabulous plots. Our author duo prove that a clean series can be effectively written with action, intrigue, and strong characters without all the gore and profanity that some many books are laced with today.
Lucy is an ideal heroine for the pre-teen/teen set to read and admire. Her never-say-die attitude and keen mind keep her character exciting to follow. She never let’s gender stereotypes define her. As for her father, Sherlock, readers of all ages know of his infamous crime-solving abilities. Without today’s technology, he uses his own common sense and intellect to chase down the dregs of society and save the day. He, too, is a good example to today’s youth. One doesn’t always need Google to find answers.
In ‘Diogenes’, we have an added element of romance, but, again the key word is ‘romance’. Too many authors confuse sex with romance. There’s a big difference. Thankfully, our authors ‘get it’ and provide the emotion without the seediness.
Well-written from start to finish, I can’t recommend this enough. This is THE series to read and share with your middle/high school readers. Five Stars!
*Pic & Synopsis belong solely to the author & publisher.
**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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