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2017 Reflections

I’ll go on record saying that 2017 was awful. It’s difficult to bring to mind anything truly good that happened this year. But, I’ll try.
We’ll start with my boys turning 15, 20, and 24 respectively. I hit the big 4-0 and the hubs hit the big 5-0. Two age-related milestones, for sure. Our youngest, the only one still home, is now a high schooler. Whew!

Our blog has had a long-standing collaboration with Beauty Box 5. Unfortunately, that ended this year. The company was decimated by the hurricanes that rocked the country in 2017. They weren’t able to reach out to really anyone beforehand and we still haven’t heard a peep. Because the blogger universe is as big & connected as it is, I was able to hear that their warehouse had been destroyed and there was, essentially, nothing left. It’s a shame and I wish them the best. We’re still here if they need us!

We accomplished a cost-effective yet much-needed home remodel. It was more a fix-up than a transformation. Kitchen, hallway, entryway, and living room all got new floors and paint. We were blessed to be able to do new living room furniture on a budget. It took a lot of effort from my husband. But, the pay off was beautiful.

Our biggest unfortunate event came when Buster got hurt. His surgery was the most emotionally draining thing I’ve encountered in a long time. Thankfully, he’s back in action as if it never occurred. However, the financial repercussions of his vet bills were staggering. He bounced back better than I thought possible and was thrilled we were able to take him on his first boating trip a few weeks after the accident.

Buster was also the inspiration for my first attempt at writing. ‘Buster the Pippett’ was published in October, right before my 40th birthday, by Kindle Publishing as an ebook. It details Buster’s great adventure from when he slipped hs collar and went willy nilly into the world.

I’m embarrassed to sy, but that about sums up ’17. Here’s to 2018…a better year?

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