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Giveaways 1/31: ‘Bye January $50 Giftcard #Giveaway 3/1

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Giveaways 1/30

Win A 1,850 Year Old Coin & More 2/9

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Book Spotlight: 2017: A Novel of Political Intrigue: E A Stillwell

SYNOPSIS:It is 2010 as Congresswoman Barbara Pellegrino and her chief of staff enjoy another passionate tryst together in what they believe is a secure love nest. But what they do not know is that Michael Middleton and Harry Reason, friends of the newly elected rogue president, are in the midst of conducting electronic surveillance that they hope will destroy Barbara’s political dreams and eventually make Reason’s single daughter, Candy, the first female president instead. But first, Candy must be appointed as the president’s national security adviser—and find a suitable mate.

After the president agrees to play cupid for Candy and Princeton professor Brad Jenkins, a nongovernmental entity to fight terrorism is formed. When two women working for Middleton accidentally enter the back door of a terrorist website, he seeks help from Jenkins, a Middle East expert. When their collaboration leads to the discovery of a secret plot to make Pellegrino the president and a vast conspiracy by five billionaires to radically transform the country, Middleton and Jenkins reluctantly join forces to stop the dark mission. Now the unthinkable must be performed without the American public ever knowing—and it must be completed in 2017.

MY THOUGHTS: From the synopsis, I was excited to read this one. It started out well enough. The novel quickly lost its luster for me. A number of issues cause it. For starters, there are so many characters that it’s mind-boggling. The main characters are obvious. However, the individual bit players are too numerous to count. It was intensely distracting.
The switches between each chapter from one character to the next is tricky. While Stillwell seemed to have it mastered, after the first few chapters, it didn’t run smoothly. It seemed to hiccup a bit. Concentrating on one or two characters may have helped this.
Another major distraction was the amount of sex. I understand that the Congresswoman’s sex life had a major part in the story. But, these people are like the Energizer bunny (sorry, Energizer). It occupied a major portion of the novel’s first half. For me, it was a turn-off.
E.A. Stillwell is too talented an author to let these missteps ruin a god plot. But, it did. Less ‘physical activity’ & fewer characters would have bumped up the rating. It seemed like an easy way out. Add in some steamy scenes and then an author doesn’t have to spend extra time advancing the plot. What a shame! I give it a generous 3 stars.

About the author
E.A. Stillwell first caught the writing bug in college, but realized he could not write about life if he had not lived it. After a lengthy career as an architect, Stillwell is happy to be nurturing his passion for writing, once again. He and his wife are avid travelers, who divide their time between homes in Mexico and Florida. This is his fourth book. To learn more about the author and his books please visit,
*Synopsis, Pic, & Author info belong Solely to the author/publisher.
**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.