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Book Spotlight: Ralph the Magical Elf: Not a Christmas Story: Brian Harold

SYNOPSIS: “Ralph the Magical Elf: Not a Christmas Story” follows the motivational story of Joe and the magical elf, Ralph. When young Joe faces a challenging and unhappy day, he decides to stop trying. This is when Ralph shows up to teach Joe a valuable lesson. The magical elf refuses to leave Joe’s side until he learns to overcome his fear of failing and pursues his dreams. Equipped with colorful illustrations and lyrical text, Harold’s book sheds light on the importance of team work and perseverance and demonstrates that failure doesn’t have to be final. ”

MY THOUGHTS: ‘Ralph’ has a good, timely message. The repetitive format will be a plus for younger readers. I would recommend it for the Pre-k through 1st grade set.
The dynamic between the characters has Joe, who is angry and at times belligerent, receiving kindness from an even-tempered Ralph. The elf doesn’t lose his cool and doesn’t repay anger for anger.
The illustrations are beautifully done and are definitely a plus. All in all, I give it 3 stars.

Pic and synopsis belong solely to the author/publisher.
Visit Ralph here:


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