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My Project For 2018

I’m not too sure when it started, perhaps when I turned 40 in October. It might be because I did a transcription project for a book about Italian-American Immigrants in Pennsylvania. Regardless, I’ve felt a sense of urgency to document our family’s history.

Truth be told, I don’t know a whole lot. I know the basics and I know most of the names. Dates will be a problem. I know my husband desperately wants to get one of those DNA analysis tests done. We’ve Googled our last name and it comes up with hits that are drastically different from he’d be led to believe. According to his family, he’s 100% Croatian. When our name is searched though, it shows a different, Russian lineage.
We do know for certain that both of us do have Croatian ancestors. In fact, his grandmother knew of my mother’s side of my family in her village in Croatia. But, the question is, how much Croatian blood is there in the family? We aren’t exactly in a financial position to do the DNA now. In the future, sure. But, for now, I know my kids don’t know nearly enough about their family.
My dad often confused both names and dates. I remember how confused his mother looked when he tried to detail certain events in front of her. She always remembered it quite differently. When I was doing the transcription, I noticed that the interviewer repeatedly asked if there was a family historian. I got me to thinking that we really don’t. I have an Aunt who has a list of names and birthdays. That’s pretty much the extent of it.
I know I won’t live forever. Mortality has been on my mind quite a lot lately. My dad is gone and my mother is 70. Some will say that a milestone birthday, like 40, will do that to you. I agree. I’m not afraid of where I’m going when I die. I know I will be with my Savior, Jesus Christ, when I go. It’s the actual dying part that I don’t like. The mortality thoughts lately have been: what will my kids know when I’m not here?
I’ve decided that since a New Year is almost here, there’s no time like the present to put into words what I know. I may miss a few things here and there. But, the bulk of my memories will be on paper. Then, on a hard drive. Papers get ruined and lost. Plus, it’s a techno world and I am a techno girl. (Sorry, Madonna)
I haven’t decided whether to go all out and put everything in order or just spew forth words and memories as they come. Having Parkinson’s makes it very hard to sit still and very hard to concentrate. It will be a labor of love and a true test of will. I can’t sit still long enough to write simple grocery list! But, I vowing to complete it this year, before I turn 41. Hopefully, it will come out in the spirit in which it’ll be written and benefit my children.

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