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Giveaways 10/23

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Giveaways 10/22

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Book Spotlight: Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science: Louie Giglio

SYNOPSIS: We all know that kids love to ask questions. Why? How? When? For parents, it can be hard to know exactly how to answer those questions—from the small ones like why the sky is blue to how big the universe is. And, when it comes to questions about science, there is often an intersection between faith and fact. Thankfully, a new children’s book, Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science (October 10, Tommy Nelson / Passion Publishing), helps parents fuse the two and cover both of those topics with ease.

MY THOUGHTS: I was thrilled to see a devotional based on Scripturally-sound science. There is literally SO much to love about this book. First, of course, is the author. Pastor Louie Giglio is a well-known and well-respected man. As Pastor of Passion City Church, he has made a magnificent difference in the lives of his parishioners (and around the world, too). He has written a number of well-received titles and this one will be loved as well.

He has taken a hugely controversial topic in Christianity- Science- made portrayed it to children so that they will understand & be able to bear witness to its Creator. I’ll never understand how anyone can view the beauty of creation and not believe in the God who created it all! I love the gentle way in which Pastor Giglio shows the reader both illustrated and photographic images pertaining to the daily devotional topics. Then, he accurately points out the correlation to the day’s Scripture.

Although potentially geared to the elementary set, ‘Indescribable’ can be enjoyed by readers at any age. I loved every page and I’m WAY passed elementary school. Each day offers a new view at the world around us, our health, the weather and more. I highly recommend getting a copy either for a young reader or even yourself. It is a way beyond 5 star devotional!
*Synopsis & pics belong solely to the author & publisher.
**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Book Spotlight: Proggy Menagerie: Hayley Smith

Synopsis:Learn the basics of the Proggy technique with step-by-step photo guides, then set your creativity free with the easy-to-follow patterns. In Proggy Menagerie, designer and author Hayley Smith provides a collection of adorable three-dimensional rag-rug projects that can be adapted for use as children’s toys, pet toys, or home accessories. The technique is easy to master—simply cut your fabric into strips and push it through the holes in some Hessian backing—and has been a traditional way of creating mats for centuries. This technique, known as “progging” in northeast England, is familiar the world over. Proggy Menagerie puts a refreshing modern twist on the technique, moving it beyond the usual two-dimensional rug format, with instructions for making twenty fun and funky three-dimensional stuffed animals. With a few adaptations to the backing, filling, and eye materials, the projects can be safely used as soft toys for children, chew toys for pets, or be used as doorstops and draft blockers around your home. Designs include:

Woodland creatures
Farmyard favorites
Perfect pets
Feathered friends
Water babies

About the Author
Hayley Smith creates all the products, designs, and patterns for her successful craft business, Craft Yourself Silly. Her Proggy kits, supplies, and tools are stocked by retailers throughout the United States. The author lives by the sea in northeast England.

My Thoughts: If the term ‘progging’ is new to you, you’re not alone. It was new to me, too. However, the look & feel of the technique reminded me a lot of the latch hook kits my sister used to do. What I love about the book is the easy way the author describes the how-to’s. Once the basics are mastered, the sky’s the limit in what can be made. These projects are perfect for groups that have a little time on their hands (Girl Scouts, seniors projects, etc.) In fact, I’d highly recommend giving them a try as a missions project for your Church to send along to humanitarian organizations. I wish I still had better motor skills in order to make these myself. I give the book 5 stars for originality and ease of use.

On Sale: October 3, 2017
ISBN: 9781680993370
Price: $14.99

*Pic & Synopsis belong solely to the author & publisher

**I received the aforementioned title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.